Sony Still Crazy For Indies, Shows Four Very Pretty Games

Kotaku - The PlayStation Blog earlier today was all about indie projects for Sony platforms, highlighting four games that, for different reasons, all look great.

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Agent_hitman1926d ago

This is really interesting.. Expect that PS4 have more games next gen due to their good policy for Indie dev.. Unlike MS, they're negative in the face of Indie.

showtimefolks1926d ago

It's these small time guys who actually innovate and do or try new things

Most big publishers see a game type selling and they focus on that

People give you many reason which are important on winning next gen(not sure there anything to win why can all 3 be successful like this gen)but IMO atlast these indie developers will be th deciding factors

Also it seems to me Sony said we messed up last gen now lets fix everything we did wrong and they made a list of things to fix

Ps3 wasn't easy to develop for and Sony were really arrogant when it came to helping developers because they were coming out of ps2 which dominated

So they spoke with developers and used their input in creating the next system, also get on national stage to admit we messed up with ps3 and that take some balls because ps3 is still on pace to be the most sold console of this gen making it 3 straight

Sony proved and are proving once again it's not a race but a marathon

Indie developers were not as strong on ps3 so what we should is totally focus on them in ours next even which they did and just show case all the programs available for indie developers on ps4

Oh and you can bet your house that ps4 will have a lot of software support unlike ps3 which had to wait good 1-2 years before t started to get support

Also I believe from day one PSN:plus will be a huge focus point, I just hope sony doesn't make the mistake of charging for regular PSN to download stuff and play online. It would be a huge mistake because they have a established service which they can pitch to families via advertisement saying we don't charge you to play online or download demos and stuff

Jyndal1926d ago

Personally, I think given enough time, indie developers will end up being the people who set the new standards. Larger companies who are able to produce so-called AAA titles are growing overconfident in their ability to direct the market.

I always make a point of perusing the current offering of indie titles on PC as well as my 360, just to see what the latest innovation is, because if there's going to be anything new and groundbreaking, it'll most likely come from someone's garage / studio.

HarryMasonHerpderp1926d ago (Edited 1926d ago )

Not to mention they know how too budget their games.
The big guys tend to chuck a bunch of money at a game and when it doesn't reach 7 million copies it's considered "a flop" cough cough Capcom! even though they sold 5 million copies of RE6.
Some of them do it right though such as From Software with the Demons Souls/Dark Souls games. I also heard Quantic Dream made a killing with Heavy Rain

GreenRanger1926d ago

Colorful Indie games seem more at home on the Vita than on a big TV screen, in my opinion.

MasterCornholio1926d ago (Edited 1926d ago )

Which is why indie developers should try and produce their games for both platforms and include cross buy for them. This is my opinion would be a pretty big incentive to own both a PS4 and a Vita.

I had plenty of experience with this and its fantastic being able to play a game on 2 different platforms with only one purchase.

Edit: Heres something funny. Even though i have Guacamelee for the PS3 and the Vita i play it on the PS3 while using the Vita as a controller. Pretty funny if you think about it.

r211926d ago

Agreed on that, the vita is my go to machine for indies. The OLED screen makes playing indies and just bout any game on it even more satisfying :D

lashes2ashes1925d ago

I would rather play on my tv. It has vastly better color and black level than my vita. But that's what has been so great about cross buy. We all get what we want.

AndreausAhazard1925d ago

FEZ bring FEZ to the vita please