EA Sports and FIFA extend agreement until 2022

In a move that will shock absolutely nobody, EA Sports and FIFA have agreed a licensing deal that will run until 2022. This, of course, means the publisher will continue to develop fully kitted out football games for at least the next nine years.

The agreement also gives EA the right to publish FIFA World Cup games and run the FIFA Interactive World Cup.

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bejesus u knw everything lad...

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This monopoly position is what holds back innovation in soccer games. You can't make a successful soccer game without having those licenses and while nobody is able to get those licenses EA can just release minor updates for 60€/$ per year and every soccer fan buys them because he can play with his favourite team. PES is the better soccer game because the devs have to work harder to get the communities attention but most people care only about licenses so they buy FIFA instead. That's one of the reasons why I hate EA these days.

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