Tom Clancy's EndWar: Gameplay Revealed

The Frag Dolls give us a first glimpse at the future of war in this RTS in the Tom Clancy universe.

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Jack Bauer3927d ago

needed more gameplay and less FD's... glad i didnt buy the CE of RSV2 tho

definetly cant wait for it tho, looks sweet.

sonarus3927d ago

mehn game looks lame to me. NOT an RTS fan

Storm233927d ago

Couldn't agree more sonarus. RTS games just don't do it for me. Not a big deal, PLENTY of other games coming out this year that I really want to play!

Panthers3926d ago

RTS is my favorite genre, but there are other great RTS games coming. This one seems strange with the voice chat.

barom3926d ago

The voice thing sounds like a gimmick.

sonarus3926d ago

lol we all know the voice thing won't be as functional as you want it to be. It would be like trying to play gran turismo with six axis (unnecessarily lame) and at the end of the day every one will use traditional controls. That being said i have seen a couple of RTS games but that one looks particularly lame in my opinion.

Also what was with the girls? To make it seem more interesting than it really is. To create some false illusion that girls are into that game so you can buy it and might meet a girl?? The girls were just there chatting away instead of given us real info. No offense to the ladies in here (if there are any) before anyone starts saying i am being chauvinistic

socsca3926d ago

Try World in conflict or Company of heroes, it will change the way you see rts, truly awesome games that push the limits. If you've already tried them... all hope is lost.

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Dr Pepper3927d ago

I can't wait to get my hands on this game. Voice command seems like it will work pretty darn well.

I agree with Jack Bauer above, I'd like to see more gameplay and less of people just talking to eachother.

Anyways, it looks very cool and I can't wait to try out this next title in the Tom Clancy franchise.

toughNAME3927d ago (Edited 3927d ago )

I've regretted buying every Tom Clancy game I've ever purchased. I hope EndWar will change that.

I hate putting faith in Ubisoft...

sonarus3927d ago

lol. how can you not like rainbow 6?

poos33926d ago

ALL I CAN SAY IS I WANT STAR CRAFT 2 ON THE 360 ive not played rts for over 11years but aftr seeing details and clips of starcraft 2 that game is speacial even tho its an rts.

permutated3927d ago

Fragdolls: capitalizing on sex because they're poor journalists.

And the hits keep coming.

micro_invader3926d ago

While I agree they're poor journalists (at times they sounded like they didn't know what they're talking about) ,how can somebody think them sex icons? no offense, but they're all ugly.

sonarus3926d ago

lol actually the 3rd 1 from the left is pretty hot.

dachiefsman3926d ago

i do agree....they are not ugly but not jessica alba hot....i see hotter at the bar and thats before the beers!

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The story is too old to be commented.