IBTimes Oculus Rift Preview: 'It's Not Revolutionary, it's Much More Important Than That'

As Sony and Microsoft start preparing the new wave of consoles, we try out the Oculus Rift, a virtual reality headset designed for the next generation of gaming

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kalkano1963d ago

" It's not like the Move or the Wii where you feel like you have to forego certain games for the sake of some peripheral."

Not true, at all. This will only work with first-person, action-based games.

steve30x1963d ago

Wrong. Euro Truck sim 2 SCS development team is working on getting it to work with their truck sim , Project cars developers are getting it to work in their racing sim , Asetto Corsa devs are getting it to work with their racing sim and many other games developers other than FPS developers are working on the Ocolus Rift.

darthv721963d ago

have to be built with this futuristic viewmaster in mind. Just like really good 3d movies are made that way from the beginning.

Home VR was attempted years ago but the consumers and the tech wasnt ready. Now we fast forward and an old idea comes back around (like many ideas that failed before).

the selling point will always be the software that is made to take advantage of the tech. If we see a plethora of quick cash-in releases (those just adding the effect but no real benefit to using it) we will see this idea die once again.

kalkano1963d ago

Exactly. I have no idea why I got so many disagrees. The games mentioned above must be first-person and action-oriented (which a racing game usually is). Otherwise, virtual reality would be FAR out of place. I didn't say it would only work with FPSs.

Just imagine trying to play a turn-based, or strategy rpg with this. It just doesn't make sense.

CapsLocke1963d ago

Certain games, not certain genres.

starchild1963d ago

I have been saying for months,Oculus Rift is going to be important. Many gamers are currently unaware or skeptical, but soon you'll see.

FragMnTagM1963d ago

I do not see how any game or genre would not work with the Oculus Rift. The only problem I can foresee is that of developers not taking advantage of it and cashing in on cheesy crap.

It is nearly the same as a 3DTV, with the difference being that high resolution screen/s is/are very close to your eyes and you are completely immersed, i.e. you can only see the game screen/s, nothing else with 110° field of view.

Any game genre should be just fine for it.

It is like watching a movie on a HDTV, then going to see it on an IMAX screen.

It changes the movie for the better as you are completely immersed in it. Although a crappy movie will still be a crappy movie no matter what screen it is on. The same goes for games.

Saying that this will not work for certain genres is like saying that the current 3DTV's don't work with all genres. 3D doesn't have to be super strong for every game and may not be a requirement. Look at the 3DS. There is a 3D game in every genre. The only thing the O.R. changes is that you see nothing but the game screen.

The games that are made specifically for the O.R. should be mind-blowing. I just hope that half ass ports won't plague it and that devs will give it the attention it deserves.

kalkano1962d ago

The whole point of virtual reality is to make you feel like you're there. You ARE the main character. If you're seeing from a 3rd-person perspective, it's NOT virtual reality. Just thinking about watching a movie with this makes me wonder why anyone would want to do it.

SatanSki1963d ago

Why action oriented? I imagine playing Journey on good VR set would be so much more immersing. There is still much do be discovered what you can do with such technology since its totally new. I dont count VFX-1 or however was it called becouse its qulity was so crapy it didnt even convince 13 yo old me.

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GiantFriendlyCrab1963d ago

god knows what side effects this thing could cause,

steve30x1963d ago (Edited 1963d ago )

I reckon one side effect will be disorientation and another might be Computer eye syndrome and eye strain. We will know after a few months when it will be publicly available.

SatanSki1963d ago

Altered states for sure. You will regress to monkey level and drink your pee doing a headstand ;-). Saw both things in movies.

Clover9041963d ago

Only 7 comments?! This is the future. Virtual reality. You're in the game (and by the way, this rift will be much more then just a video game peripheral). There are a lot of people on youtube that already have developer kit models, and the reaction has been amazing. Seeing people get lost in all the new Rift tech demos only makes my anticipation for the consumer model unbearable...

darx1963d ago

The future of gaming is our children as they grow up just like us. Good luck pro creating when a chick catches you with this thing strapped to your head...good luck getting laid!

naiyo1963d ago

I don't think anyone will make a TV show or Film for this and how will people that already don't want to wear 3d glasses to watch movies,tv and games going to feel about putting this block on their face? I know this thing is better than 3d glasses but its also bigger, heavier and hotter. For Die Hard PC fans, this is ok for but for the rest of the world, I don't see this becoming big. Not in this fashion.

skyrimer1962d ago

I'm more excited on OR than any next gen consoles, real gamers want full immersion in games, and OR succeeds on this where next gen consoles will only give a prettier more of the same.