Take-Two Interactive: Quality Over Quantity

Alive game Zone - This might be a slightly old news in the world of video games that tends to go at a breakneck pace. But, it does show how Take Two - the parent company of gaming behemoths like Rockstar and Take Two– carries on its business unlike companies like Ubisoft, EA and Activision, to name a few.

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unchartedxplorer1895d ago

That's why I love take two they concentrate on what is important:The gamer. No microtransactions, no yearly releases
no overpriced dlc and certainly NO DRM.
If you put love into the producing of games the gamers will love you back


the thing with Take2 is that they have got just the right balance. They have done a lot with dlc and they have done season passes etc.. but they don't really throw it in your face and they don't throw it on EVERY GAME and you don't feel that it compromises the original game experience (the one you actually pay for on the disk) that is why i love them so much.

i just hope they don't change come the new generation.

They are the one publisher that when I think of them I think of quality. I mean there are not many of their games that you can say is a buggy mess.

They don't seem to have a problem letting devs take their time and even delaying games if it means it will come out right.