Comcast: FCC lacks any authority to act on P2P blocking

The man who spoke for Comcast at Harvard last month has told the Federal Communications Commission that the agency has no legal power to stop the cable giant from engaging in what it calls "network management practices" (critics call it peer-to-peer traffic blocking). Comcast Vice President David L. Cohen's latest filing with the Commission claims that regulators can do nothing even if they conclude that Comcast's behavior runs afoul of the FCC's Internet neutrality guidelines.

"The congressional policy and agency practice of relying on the marketplace instead of regulation to maximize consumer welfare has been proven by experience (including the Comcast customer experience) to be enormously successful," concludes Cohen's thinly-veiled warning to the FCC, filed on March 11. "Bearing these facts in mind should obviate the need for the Commission to test its legal authority."

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Lord Anubis3925d ago

comcast is begging to get sanctioned.

Rybnik3925d ago

I agree, they sound a bit worried. I'll be damned pissed off if we loose net-neutrality because of a corporation trying to over-rule our interests as consumers and community content providers.

GETPWNT3925d ago (Edited 3925d ago )

F the FCC and Comcast HAHAHAHA. Bellsouth FTW.

The_Engineer3925d ago

on the one hand if comcast is involved in selling their ISP across state lines then the FCC will nail them to the wall for stepping out of line.
On the other hand if they are stupid enough to do this they will lose customers faster than the army is losing deserters.