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Sony asked Bungie's feedback on DualShock 4

GC - "Bungie COO, Pete Parsons, has revealed that Sony has contacted them to get feedback on PS4′s controller." (PS4, Tag Invalid)

Snookies12  +   932d ago
Can't wait to give that DS4 a go... Even my friends who hate Sony think the controller and system seem to be very well done.
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Septic  +   931d ago
Yeah it looks sexier the more I see it.

It makes sense for Sony to ask the legendary Bungie for feedback. That's one studio who's input is invaluable.

Sony's philosophy of going direct to developers and people at the forefront of the industry is what will ensure their success. It makes you wonder why it was never done before by anyone to such a scale.
zeee  +   931d ago
My God! Sony went all out this time didn't they. Seems to me SONY wants the devs to take responsibility and give them no excuse to complain about anything in the future.

No more shall we hear excuses from devs that PS4 is hard to work on. That PS4 is not dev friendly, that PS4's controller needs improvements and what not.

Sony is on the right track. I just hope that the developers won't disappoint us again as it's well established that despite the complex PS3 architecture, devs were also super lazy to get off their asses and work hard on their projects (Skyrim, Bayonetta etc).
ShinMaster  +   931d ago
The only memorable thing Bungie has ever done is Halo. It's like they couldn't figure out what theme and art direction to take with Destiny, so they threw a bunch of designs from other genres, games and movies into it (ie: Halo, Killzone, Star Wars, Gears, Warhammer, medieval fantasy, aliens, etc). It will end up looking like the most generic MMO ever.

Anyway, good thing Sony is really getting developers involved :)
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Septic  +   931d ago

Wtf are you on about? The only memorable thing they made is Halo? Lol, yeah it's Halo.....you know, the game that pretty much single handedly made the original Xbox the success that it was and paved the way for the 360.

The game that was ahead of time when it introduced unique game mechanics that games have since copied and with Halo 2, proved to the world that consoles can do online competitive fps' and do them well.

You're living in denial if you can't accept these facts. Not many developers can lay claim to have achieved half of what Bungie have. That's why they are legendary.
McScroggz  +   931d ago
@Septic for what it's worth, though I'm by no means a die-hard fan of Halo I'd argue that besides Mario, no franchise has been as important to a console as Halo has been to Microsoft.
ShinMaster  +   931d ago
What's your point, Septic?
I didn't say Halo wasn't good. I just said that it was the only memorable thing Bungie has done and you said nothing that proves me wrong.
Geez talk about being overly defensive.

Yeah, it made the original Xbox the massive success with 25mil units /s
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_-EDMIX-_  +   931d ago
@ShinMaster- da fuq are you talking about? Though I'm not a fan of the later Halo's, that team pretty much proved that FPS can work right on consoles among other things. The "feel" of Halo is literally like NONE OTHER! If its one thing they can get right, the feel of the game.

Art Direction wise, I think they know what they are doing. Not sure if you looked outside or not but......the earth doesn't have a single one art direction theme. They are trying to create not just earth but MANY other planets, they can't have a single art direction theme. On the moon, yeah, on Mars of course, on earth? HELL NO! You would have to be mad to think that with all the different environment types and landscapes that they could have one single uniform art direction. Open world games don't do that well when your talking about multiple cites ie GTASA vs GTAIV. Yes you can have a certain type of theme MORE in GTAIV, but thats because its not 3 cities its one and its smaller.

I don't even see what design in terms of "Gears" that you saw from there. Thats so damn stupid and subjective its not even funny. Its like saying. "damn COD had to copy BF by having there design and art direction the same" as if a single soul knows wtf your talking about. LOL!

Not much to do with space or did the space and starts look....too "star wars" LMFAO! Having ships is...too "star wars".

Come up with something better, more concrete and then many you might have something going on there.
DragonKnight  +   931d ago
Bungie aren't legendary. They've been successful with one series. Wolfenstein and Goldeneye on the N64 are more important to the FPS genre than Halo was. The only thing Halo was important for was giving Microsoft a chance to be relevant in the gaming industry and as a launch pad for their paid network service.

Bungie did a great job with Halo, but they aren't legendary.
ShinMaster  +   931d ago
@Septic , @ _-EDMIX-_
Too long; didn't read.

But I'm going to guess you guys never heard of console FPS games prior to Halo lol
Quake, Red Faction, Wolfenstein, Half-Life, GoldenEye, etc. THOSE were some of the games that proved that FPS games did work on consoles BEFORE Halo.

Also, Halo has been borrowing elements from other games recently, just like they have in the past, believe it or not. Not saying it's a bad thing. You guys just need to step out of your Halo/Xbox bubble more often.


This is what I was referring to:
Help me out here, but I can't tell if this art is from 5 different games or just one ;)
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Septic  +   931d ago

"But I'm going to guess you guys never heard of console FPS games prior to Halo lol
Quake, Red Faction, Wolfenstein, Half-Life, GoldenEye, etc. THOSE were some of the games that proved that FPS games did work on consoles BEFORE Halo. "

First of all, the likes of Quake, Wolfenstein and Half-Life were primarily PC games ported to consoles and no, they didn't work ANYWHERE NEAR the level Halo did on consoles (I know, I played them all).

Secondly, did I ever say FPS didn't work at all prior to Halo? Halo set the standard for many things such as the manner in which vehicles were an integral part of the game (something which many shooters today on consoles struggle to implement as well), two weapon carry limit, regenerating health etc. Why do you think there have been so many attempts to release a 'Halo-beater'?

And did any of those games decisively prove that multiplayer FPS' can work on consoles prior to Halo 2? Deny it all you want but Halo 2 was a marvel on consoles and set the standard for console FPS online gaming. Prior to that, I distinctly remember trying to play Quake 3 on the Dreamcast where the lack of keyboard/mouse just made it redundant on consoles.

Also, you're really having a go at Bungie regarding Destiny? Really? You're nit-picking their art style, which in itself is amazing and unique but not even looking at how ambitious the game is? Please, tell me, what other FPS on consoles is as ambitious as Destiny is attempting to be? Don't tell me you're going to say Killzone?

Bungie are legendary simply by virtue of the behemoth that was Halo. Halo IS the definition of a killer-app; a system seller that defined a genre and generation, that hyper-accelerated advancement of console FPS multiplayer and set the standard that various big names in the industry fail to achieve even today. If Halo isn't legendary, then very little if anything can be described as such.
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MaxXAttaxX  +   930d ago
Somewhat agree^
But it's mostly the media that tries to label every other FPS that comes out as a "Halo-killer" when most devs aren't even trying to do that.

Halo did wonders for the Xbox. Although I must say that I never knew anyone that had an Xbox back in the day, so unless you were one of the few that had an Xbox people didn't seem to care about Halo's existence... to put it bluntly.
And honestly, two weapon limits kinda suck lol.

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subtenko  +   930d ago
Because there is only one Sony. PlayStation FTW!

P.S. yea I also think M$ 'brain washed' some gamers. Most people were on PS2 but then since xbox360 had the head start, some people who liked ps2 started trashing the ps3 for some strange reason.

Good to see most have come back to their senses. :)
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any self-proclaimed gamer who hates sony is kind of just retarded, it's the way my friends are too
duli14  +   931d ago
Mine do too, The ironic thing is they all used to game on ps2! Microsoft and Xbox just brainwashed the lot!
N4Flamers  +   931d ago
I couldnt disagree with duli14 more. Any real gamer doesn't hate a format or a machine. You are no better than anyone else who uses a pc, or a 360. Every system has good games.
UnHoly_One  +   931d ago
I don't hate Sony, I've owned every Playstation.

I do, however, absolutely HATE the controller.

I REALLY wish they would move that left joystick. It's a damn shame they insist on being the only console that still puts that stick in the wrong place.
DAS692  +   931d ago

Sony started dual analog controls. Nothing is wrong with twin dual sticks. It offers flexibility in the games you want to play.
pimpschitz  +   931d ago
I am totally excited. Willing to say screw xbox to be a playstation gamer from now on. I'm impressed, plus that controller looks sick man.
showtimefolks  +   931d ago
lets ask the people who actually make games before we make the system. can't wait PS4 is poised for Success

can't wait for may 21st to find out what MS has in store for us too

looks like wii-u wont be joining us next gen so ms and sony have to take the bull by the horn and drive the industry forward
StraightPath  +   931d ago
Shin nobody got owned by septic. Brush up on gaming knowledge Halo 2 was the start of online gaming on consoles as we know it now. Halo 1 was gigantic and was the killer app that made so many sony fanboys jealous in envy even to this day. Games such as killzone resistance starhawk wannabe games look like a joke to Halo games.
Kingthrash360  +   932d ago
Sony made some wise choices this time around. I wish others made the same leap** cough nintendo** sony has me sold just on this unprecedented effort alone. feels good that someone is thinking about the gamer and devs at the same time. alot of complaints from the ps3 especially the" ps3 is powerful but difficult to develop games for" has been addressed. ps4 day 1 duel shock 4 looks like a winner hopefully I won't have to struggle to watch Netflix anymore. hate when the controller moves an inch and starts rewinding the show im watching..smh
TheUndertaker85  +   932d ago
Get a Media Controller my friend. The original model is cheap now or if you wish, the new one is universal. Makes movie watching plus music listening much, much easier and direct.
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Ron_Danger  +   931d ago
Or use any android device to control Netflix on PS3. I use my kindle fire now and never have any controller input problems.
pop-voxuli  +   931d ago
Whats this?!?!?Please tell me more about using yer android to control netflix on ps3, for real sorry if I sound sarcastic.
MasterCornholio  +   932d ago
The triggers should be excellent then. But i will continue to use R1 and L1 for shooters though.
r21  +   932d ago
So will I, its been like that since, for me at least, the PS2 days. Its just weird to have R2 and L2 to be used for shooting or in BS1's sake, to have triangle as the jump button.
Conzul  +   931d ago
IIRC Shadow of the Colossus had triangle as the jump button as well. It actually felt natural after awhile.
ssj27  +   932d ago
I wanna play with this controls.. I wonder if they will release a new version of it like they did in the PS1 and PS3.. I don't remember if the the PS2 has such a update.

Just by looking at it I can tell gae gameplay will improve using the DS4
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C4BL3  +   931d ago
The only studio M$ had that drove the xbox and launched the 360 is going to launch the PS4 into the lead. When Bungie's new game was announced years ago I said I would make the jump to Sony. Now I just can't wait for Christmas
Wizziokid  +   931d ago
Destiny is multiplatform so I'm not sure how much it will really sway people.
I'll begetting it for PS4 though
C4BL3  +   931d ago
Well I can't speak for other people but Bungie Kept me on the xbox for many years. Now that the only good games on xbox are Multiplat there is no real reason to stay with M$ next gen. BF4 and Destiny are both on Playstation. I am willing to bet some people are in the same boat as me.
FrigidDARKNESS  +   931d ago
You are aware that Destiny is a multiplat gme and MS own 49% of Bungie. A successful launch on the ps4 will be good for both MS and Bungie. Most of the shares from game sles gors into MS coffers....just tjought you and other gamers should know this information.
C4BL3  +   931d ago
I didn't know that. But I still won't be getting the Next BOx
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MysticStrummer  +   931d ago
Pointless point noted.
Minato-Namikaze  +   931d ago
Nintendo owned 49% of rare at one point, how'd that turn out?
TemplarDante  +   931d ago
Wow! Sony has really become a devs dream!
In contrast, its weird MSFT have adopted Sonys old stance of "This is our hardware, Deal Wit It"
Now its Sony thats asking devs opinion.
I was a doubter! But now I believe in the Third Console Curse!
supremacy  +   931d ago
to me its all about the feel of the analog sticks, if these are tighter and feel like those on the 360 controller then they have done their job already. Everything else will just make it that much better.

Easy to develop for console
New controller with a greater feel for fps
Improved psn
Great line up of games thus far
launching same year as the competition

I mean what else can one ask for
Agent_hitman  +   931d ago
That touch on DS4 is good for RTS like Command and Conquer Generals 2
illtornworld  +   931d ago
Sony is on a roll, alot of us gamers stood by them since 1995 <3 opening that PlayStation playing final fantasy, ohhh were talking about ps4 lolol. its gonna be insane, i hope just once, everyone can get one day 1! And if not, im still gunna buy the DS4 day 1 :-)
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ebreda  +   931d ago
The DS4 is obviously shaping up to be an excellent controller. I just wish Sony would release 2 versions, one of them with the left analog and the d-pad switched around.

Of course it will never happen, but I for one feel that it's a more natural position for most games.

I know most of you will say "I have symetrical hands, thank you". It's just my opinion.
Minato-Namikaze  +   931d ago
Why mess with near perfection? They analog sticks are without a shadow of a doubt in the right place, especially since i play more than shooters and even then they are really good. And i dont have small hands.
PirateThom  +   931d ago
I think the only downside is the lack of analogue face buttons. I use them for driving games..... shame most were designed to not even use the feature while Gran Turismo did it perfectly.
Imalwaysright  +   931d ago
You need to get a wheel. Even a crappy one is better to play racing games than a controller.
PirateThom  +   931d ago
Oh, I have a wheel. It's just that I sometimes like to play while lying down.
Minato-Namikaze  +   931d ago
I thought most racing games switched to R2 and L2 for braking and acceleration?
PirateThom  +   931d ago
Yeah, it's awful. I cannot play like that because it was never a thing before this gen.
Bathyj  +   931d ago
I never understood that control system either. Why? Just because they were analogue?

I think it was Rallisport Challenge that made it a thing but I always preferred the right stick for Acc/Brake or failing that, cross and square. Much more intuitive. With the triggers I always have to think about what I'm pressing, and you shouldnt have to think, you should just feel whats right.

Another dumb method (imo) thats become too much of a standard, like having only 2 guns in a shooter. Seriously, whats that about?
McScroggz  +   931d ago
It seems like Sony understood their arrogance with the PS3, which is still my favorite console this generation, and have taken every step possible to ensure the PS4 will be the best console they can make. I hope the next Microsoft does something different and interesting, but I'm personally glad that the PS4 seems geared towards gamers and game developers.
Bathyj  +   931d ago
And they said it Bungilicious
Belking  +   931d ago
never liked that controller. Move that left stick .
Dee_Cazo  +   931d ago
Good call asking the people who got to develop the most loved FPS on the controller. I bet they mentioned how the Dualshock is a bitch to play with, especially with the thumbstick placement.

...and then nothing changed.
Droidanomix  +   931d ago
This. While much improved, the thumb stick placement has always been, and continues to be, terrible.
Dee_Cazo  +   930d ago
Its scary how much of a selling point that will be. I know I don't play FPS on playstation because of the design.
Droidanomix  +   931d ago
One of my biggest gripes with the Playstation series has been the controller, but I must say that it looks like Sony finally got it right this time.
OniXRuleZ  +   931d ago
Let Sony Funny Fan Boys hate Legendary Bungie.... they are just Kids! Bungie Fps King On Console!

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