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PlayStation 3 now made in Brazil

Sony is now manufacturing its PlayStation 3 video game console in Manaus, a city in the Brazilian state of Amazonas, according to announcement the company made during a press conference today. (PS3)

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ShugaCane  +   659d ago
That's good for Brazil's economy, and Brazilian gamers as well. Cool move from Sony, especially when gaming is definitely not the most accessible means of entertainment in South America.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   659d ago
Brazil's in for treat.
johnsonbat  +   659d ago
Good news, it's just a shame PS3's weren't made Brazilian from the start, it would have sorted out any hairy issues from the get go.
WeAreLegion  +   659d ago
That's fantastic! :D

Brazilians will now get more games localized into Brazilian Portuguese and the cost of games/systems will go down. It's also great for the local economy. $300,000,000 over the next 12 months? Awesome.
JAM_brz  +   659d ago
Yeah, even before the PS3 not being manufactered here, we were getting some games from Ubisoft, Activision, localized in Portuguese, but now we expect more games localized in our language.
WeAreLegion  +   659d ago
Why did I get disagrees? Do you know?
JAM_brz  +   659d ago

No, I really don't know. Maybe because you wrote "Brazil" and some people don't like Brazil? ;-)
INMATEofARKHAM  +   659d ago
Yay! More lag in Uncharted 3 multiplayer!
Agent_hitman  +   659d ago
Inb4 PS3 made in china.. In the future, PS4 made in Brazil.
MarcianoBR  +   659d ago
The big problem is that sony practices a very high price for sales in Brazil, it is cheaper to buy the ps3 imported than domestic, while the MS sells their consoles here for a great price, Sony needs to analyze its shape well sales here to not end up losing money.
JAM_brz  +   659d ago
Vc já está dizendo que o PS3 vai ser caro sem mesmo terem lançado ele fabricado no Brasil? Não entendi. Não seria melhor esperar pra ver o preço que vão lançar o console que será feito no BR? Hoje claro que é mais caro comprar aqui do que lá fora... pois os mesmos são importados e pagam impostos ao governo nas lojas que vendem, tipo Americanas, Saraiva, etc... e se vc compra fora não paga impostos. Vamos aguardar e ver por qual preço vai sair o console agora sendo fabricado aqui, mas mesmo assim espere por algo mais caro do que comprar em sites como Mercado Livre...
plmkoh  +   659d ago
When they were made in Japan, Brazilian migrants pretty much filled the factories anyway.
MarcianoBR  +   659d ago
O preço é R$1099,00 o simples. JAM.

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