PlayStation 3 now made in Brazil

Sony is now manufacturing its PlayStation 3 video game console in Manaus, a city in the Brazilian state of Amazonas, according to announcement the company made during a press conference today.

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ShugaCane1843d ago

That's good for Brazil's economy, and Brazilian gamers as well. Cool move from Sony, especially when gaming is definitely not the most accessible means of entertainment in South America.

johnsonbat1843d ago

Good news, it's just a shame PS3's weren't made Brazilian from the start, it would have sorted out any hairy issues from the get go.

WeAreLegion1843d ago

That's fantastic! :D

Brazilians will now get more games localized into Brazilian Portuguese and the cost of games/systems will go down. It's also great for the local economy. $300,000,000 over the next 12 months? Awesome.

JAM_brz1843d ago

Yeah, even before the PS3 not being manufactered here, we were getting some games from Ubisoft, Activision, localized in Portuguese, but now we expect more games localized in our language.

WeAreLegion1843d ago

Why did I get disagrees? Do you know?

JAM_brz1843d ago


No, I really don't know. Maybe because you wrote "Brazil" and some people don't like Brazil? ;-)


Yay! More lag in Uncharted 3 multiplayer!

Agent_hitman1843d ago

Inb4 PS3 made in china.. In the future, PS4 made in Brazil.

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