5 Dangers of Playing Video Games with a Significant Other...

Video Games? Dating? What could go wrong? Here are 5 pitfalls to be wary of while playing video games with a boyfriend or girlfriend.

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Tetsujin1895d ago

I still need to find this myth called girls who play video games. I met a couple who "claim" to play games, yet all they play is CoD, Rock Band/Guitar Hero, WoW, and maybe Angry Birds.


That can be said about regular friends; especially the "Better than you" part.

Conzul1895d ago (Edited 1895d ago )

You're right. I myself have never seen a girl who picked up a game unless there was a boy around to impress.

I have a few sisters, and they only play what I [painfully and repeatedly] suggest to them. Then they play the likes of Journey or BSI and go "Oh, why didn't you tell me it was this good?"
And I just wanna grip their little heads and squeeze

Donnieboi1895d ago (Edited 1895d ago )

My fiance (24), female cousin (25), big sister (30), and little niece (11), and a clan mate (17) are each hardcore gamers (And I mean hardcore--they don't appreciate casual games). In fact my sister has been a game collector (as a hobby) and passed down 300 games to me (from Atari to PS2). My cousin still has her copy of Castlevania SOTN (her favorite game) and she's waiting for the green light to pre-ordered Dark Souls 2 (she works at gamestop), my fiance beat is a Mass Effect and Deus Ex junkie, and my niece loves Zelda, has her own "Fat Princess" clan (that game is more hardcore than it appears) and using this program on PC called RPG maker to write her own games.

It all depends on if they grew up in a household with games in it, and were not teased for being girls that enjoy games (usually teased by parents who want to impose suggested themes/gender roles on female family members).

So clearly women like hardcore games too, but they may not always like the same one's we like. For example, in the realm of hardcore games, women may appreciate games like Mass Effect, The Walking Dead, Heavy Rain, Zelda, etc for reasons I can't get into without writing a whole dissertation. But if u want to know why some women prefer certain hardcore games (let's just leave casual games out of the equation), then check out a book written by a woman named "Gender inclusive Game Design". It shows how many women respond quite well to hardcore games, however, they don't seem to like games like COD and Battlefield because of the competitiveness. But they love a great story, challenging gameplay (if it's against cpu) and deep game mechanics. However, of course there are still some women who also like competition too (my niece and her Fat Princess clan have to use mics to coordinate strategy). Plus one of my clanmates, a 17 year old female plays Uncharted 2, 3, and BF 3 online (and she coordinates with us on mic).

KrimsonKody1895d ago

Nice article!
They forgot the "mix match SO's", "show me the way SO's" & the "don't blink SO's".

Show Me The Way SO's is when you often have to baby your SO across the game; "stand back, I'll defeat this heathen, follow me & just heal, Let me throw you over those spikes that you can't seem to jump, I'll solve the puzzle, you just look pretty.. " etc.

The Mix Match SO's is when 2 SO's have different taste; one hogs the TV with sports, puzzles & cutesy games, while the other does the same with adventure, shooters & fighters. One never cares for what the other is doing, just counting down the time for themselves to play.

& the Don't Blink SO's are the ones who don't play games, but they just like to watch you play, all the time. Even if you want a snack break, some air, stretch, etc., they're always there, like "I wanna see you play (insert game), when you gonna play it? So what the Playoffs is on, play it NOW!"

kalkano1895d ago

Never encountered the don't blink. Sounds creepy. Also, kind of sounds like they might just be trying to creep you out/annoy you, to get you to do something else with them.

kopp3rbug1895d ago

My wife is a harcore gamer and with all honesty a damn hot one to boot. Her favorite game is Doom 3 with bioshock series and deadspace a close second. We played through both left for deads in the hardest difficulty. Ill have to admit I'm a damn lucky guy.....and not only that, she just so happens to be an otaku and we're gearing up for comicon in a couple of weeks here in phoenix. They exist..its no myth. P.s. she plays everything...from pikmin and zelda most recently dead space 3 assassins creed and the upcoming metro this tuesday. Shes upward of 55000 gamerscore on xboxlive.