GameSpy: Warhammer Online - The Littlest Things

GameSpy had come to Fairfax, Virginia -- the home of Mythic Entertainment -- to check on the progress of the MMO based on Games Workshop's Warhammer Fantasy universe. GameSpy expected to see some big things: high-level RvR gameplay, the capitol cities, starting zones, that sort of thing -- and they certainly saw plenty of that. The theme of the day, though, wasn't Warhammer Online's big features, but its small ones -- specifically the idea of taking the mundane and making it fun. The analogy used frequently was golf. No golfer thinks of the long walk between holes or to catch up to their balls as "grinding" the golf course. The walking, the fresh air, the trees and grass, the conversation with golf buddies is all part of the enjoyable "golf experience" as much as swinging the club. Warhammer Online wants to take even the most ordinary aspects of MMO gameplay and, to quote Creative Director Paul Barnett, make them "joyous."

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Jinxstar3922d ago

I have been waiting for this for a long time.

I went to the convention in Baltimore to play it and it was great fun there. I also am in the Beta which is loads of fun as well. Anyone who enjoys mmo's like I do will hopefully find a home in this game. Hit me up for G invite when it releases if you want to kick some back side with me.