PiMPStreamer DLNA for PlayStation 3 v1.1

Homebrew developer DickyDick1969, it seems, is really back in the scene. After releasing the initial build for PiMPStreamer DLNA for the PlayStation 3, the coder came out today with a new update bumping the program up to version 1.1.

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crazy250003927d ago

"The objective is to make sharing of files easy without the need for endless library buildups."

nix3926d ago

can i share (copy) files directly from my comp to PS3 by using bluetooth?

mighty_douche3926d ago

Dont think it's possible over Blutooth, only wirless network (DLNA) or standard file transer (memory card, flash drive etc).

ChrisGTR13926d ago

are you fkn joking here? pimpstream ?? who the hell invented this ? a 14 year old??

....yep.. 69 in his screen name.. its defenetly a 14 year old

Vitalogy3926d ago

I don't give a sh*t about the program names, i only want that it works well, which it seems like this one works.

When you made your own programs (never, i may say) like these you can name it whatever you want with all the sh*ty names you can find, until there, shut the hell up.