Can gaming make you fitter and slimmer?

The Science Museum's Dana Centre plans to run exclusive previews with Nintendo's Wii Fit later this March to investigate whether or not video games could aid weight loss.

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TrevorPhillips3807d ago

man i love gt5 cause of the f1's and the graphics :)

resistance1003807d ago

'So much so that series creators Polyphony Digital have broken with tradition and included an F1 car in Gran Turismo 5.'

If i remember correctely wasn't there an F1 car in the PAL version of GT4?

TrevorPhillips3807d ago

i changed the story so its not about gt5 no more

resistance1003807d ago

lol, my comment is now useless then lol

RecSpec3807d ago

I was wondering what the hell you all were talking about.

sumfood4u3807d ago

Looking forwards to this hitting the U.S.

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