Yakuza 3's intro is surprisingly epic

Yakuza 3 Intro Cinematic:

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chaosatom3333232d ago

Are they thinking about making a US version?

chaosatom3333231d ago

what did famitsu gave the game?

Genesis53231d ago

If you look on IGN under game profiles it says US TBA

JoelR3232d ago

damn it... now I need to hear about a NA release or I will be spending extra on an import again.
Very cool intro.

dalibor3231d ago

Too bad the intro is in japanese haha

Farsendor13231d ago

whats funny about that dail? the game is for the Japanese audience

Ri0tSquad3231d ago

Is when he takes out his pipe and takes a hit.

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The story is too old to be commented.