Video games in turmoil amid audience shift

Gamepro writes: "The tension between traditional game design and casual-friendly titles was palpable at the Game Developers Conference this February. Video games, while growing like gangbusters, are in the middle of an identity crisis -- a crossroads.

The look of gamer uncertainty purists argue that changes to include the broad public will only dilute gameplay, making it shallow and less familiar. Others, however, spearheaded by a surging Nintendo, say change is needed if we are to grow, otherwise the industry could stagnate much like music has in recent years."

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kingme713895d ago

You can't look strictly at #'s of people when you compare the casual audience to the hardcore audience. Casuals will buy alot less and will not read magazines, scan the internet, follow the gaming news like a hardcore does. Therefore, your sales are alot harder to pin down then what you might get for a hardcore game.

Granted, casuals are more apt to go for a pretty box or a movie tie in, so the chance to deliver shovelware is there.

Plus, consider the development teams themselves. They are made up of gamers too that want to create cutting edge cool games and not the next Hannah Montana. They are going to fight to create the games they want to create (the good studios anyway) and with the gaming industry doing as well as it is, how can publishers argue?