PSU Feature: Censorship in Videogames

Tyrell Jackson of PSU writes:

"Let's face it; as the videogame industry continues to rapidly expand and become an ever-greater recognized medium, uneducated parents and politicians will continue to blindly blame games as the cause of the world's many problems. Typically, this is also the case for the music industry, which tends to attract similar controversy with genres such as Rock, and more recently, Rap and Hip-hop. Providentially, the videogame industry has been able to go untargeted for the simple fact that it always maintained a somewhat innocuous ambiance about it.

However, now that the industry has grown into this USD 17 billion a year market and furthermore, seen an increase in the average age of the gamer, the tides have changed and the innocence that the videogames industry once held has transformed into a battle ground for politicians and lawyers. As a result, this brings us to the topic of videogame censorship.

Censorship could either be good or bad, depending on which side you are on. In the case of videogames, censorship is not necessarily a favored notion for those within the industry, for the simple fact that their career is soley based on the freedom of creative art. Even you, the fans, are affected by what happens on the censorship front as it fundamentally limits what you are allowed to enjoy. As a result, censorship is typically fought against by videogame fans and companies alike; however, there are others out there who believe that a strong regulation of videogames is needed in order for society to progress to greater principles. How much of this will we see in the future? Who and what are protecting videogames? Finally, how do other countries outside of the United States handle videogame censorship? All is now answered."

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