Apple Updates Safari Browser, Busts 13 Bugs

Apple Tuesday patched 13 vulnerabilities in Safari with an update that takes the browser to version 3.1.

The new Safari, which Apple also proclaimed "the world's fastest Web browser for Mac and Windows PCs," fixed the same 10 flaws in the Mac and Windows editions, and three more in Safari for Windows XP and Windows Vista. The majority of the 13 vulnerabilities were cross-site scripting bugs.

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decapitator3896d ago

Have never really used any other browser as much as Firefox, how is the safari browser guys ? Between this and firefox, which one is better ?

hahahabutt3896d ago

Safari is very light on memory useage compared to firefox. Use the browser you feel is best. I still use IE for regular use and firefox for downloading so it's on prefrence

Monteblanco3896d ago

Safari is pretty good. I prefer using Firefox in Windows but I move to Safari when working with the Mac OS.

decapitator3896d ago

Will I be able to use Safari on XP ?

lwsbrck3896d ago

@2.1 yes you can run safari on XP

personally i run firefox on both my XP and my mac machine, although that is mainly cause of the familiarity i have with it

decapitator3896d ago

Ah, I see, will give it a go and see how it works against Firefox. Thanks.