How the Age of the Mega-Corporation is Hurting Video Games

With huge publishers, like EA, buying out developers left and right, your gaming experience is changing for the worse.

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jappa3925d ago

NEVER give rigths to EA too make movie games, i better like sega to make movie game, hulk and ironman the game cool grapic`s i wonder if sega made spiderman it had been better. EA i only like burnout revnge paredise is ok, i am going to buy army of 2 . if they made thire owen games it will be more good. They only want to make money.

MattyF3925d ago

EA has to stop trying to take over the gaming world.

Teh-Venom3925d ago

EA is hurting the gaming industry by ruining other developers franchises.

gEnKiE3925d ago

Ha...this article reminds of something else... M$ anyone?

Teh-Venom3925d ago

lol, it seems like the trend for these big companies are pure shopping sprees.

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