This PS Mobile game's ugliness will crush your soul and dreams

PSU writes:

"Every once in a blue moon, the Internet spits out something so hideous, so soul-suckingly ghastly--that you have to wonder if it's really just a beautiful statement on existence. Or maybe it's expressionist art, with meaning so divine in its universal impact that lowly gamers like us simply cannot comprehend.

Decide for yourself. Feast your eyes on Vita Bounce!, a PlayStation Mobile game that launched today for 99 cents. Something this thought-provoking is worth every penny."

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Omar911897d ago (Edited 1897d ago )

Who would make such a hideous game?! Can this even be considered a game? the eye struggling text, the overlapping background color, the hideous 3 year old art choice....I don't even....

Rivitur1897d ago (Edited 1897d ago )

What the hell it looks like something that should be on Adult Swim.

GreenRanger1897d ago

I'd be able to take a look at this if Sony had bothered to release PS Mobile in my country.

Hicken1897d ago

It looks so bad I almost want to play it.

I also almost want to scoop my eyes out with a dinner plate.

WeAreLegion1897d ago

I seriously can't even draw that well. That's how bad I am.

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