SEGA Superstars Tennis review by IGN

IGN's Matt Casamassina writes:
"In an effort to establish some context, I think it's important to note that I love both Mario Tennis and Virtua Tennis – and for two entirely different reasons. Mario Tennis for its colorful presentation and speedy, responsive controls and Virtua Tennis for its realistic visuals and deep controls, not to mention the strategy that's buried within. And yet, seemingly against all the odds, I don't love SEGA Superstars Tennis and this is because it teeters somewhere in the middle of the two, excelling neither at being an arcade game of tennis nor a simulation. And also because despite all of the colorful mascots featured in the game, it still feels sterile – really short on charm and charisma.

Thing is, I don't hate it either. In fact, the Wii remote controls work pretty well, the selection of characters and courts is sure to please most SEGA fans, and while the volleys aren't nearly as deep or as strategic as they are in Virtua Tennis, they can still be enjoyable, particularly with multiple human players.

Overall, it's a passable first entry into a potential new series that still has a lot of untapped potential."

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