Gran Turismo 5 Prologue: Photo-Real at Last?


"If Gran Turismo 5 stinks, who cares how amazing it looks, but let's assume based on this particular series' track record that it won't and shamelessly revel in the latest screenshots.

Even I'm not completely immune to the power of photo-real visuals you can fiddle with in realtime. So long as (a) the end product matches the marketing hype, and (b) the game as a rule always plays better than it looks."

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decapitator3896d ago (Edited 3896d ago )

Well, that's a good move for Microsoft. Hope it is a step towards the right direction.

decapitator3896d ago

Ignore above comment.

To answer the authors question, YES.

masterg3896d ago

This must be the game where US PSN users for the first time ever create an European account to get the game 2 weeks earlier.

Douche3896d ago

I can't figure out which is the real one. ;p

godofthunder103895d ago

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omoshiroi3896d ago

I may get this game, although not a huge race game fan.

resistance1003896d ago

I didn't notice any when playing it at LIVE, so considering i get screen tearing on my Jap version, i'd imagin that means they have fixed it

Jinxstar3895d ago

I am not a huge racing game fan myself but this game looks really good. I prefer arcade racers like Crazy Taxi, Motorstorm and Burnout myself... This game does look amazing though.

Blademask3896d ago

Wake me up when Polyphony can pull off damage.

DarkArcani3896d ago

the point if the game is to race. If you want to smash your car up, play burnout, or carmageddon.

ThaGeNeCySt3896d ago

damage can add a lot of realism to a racing game, as well as give drivers a reason not to be d*cks and "bounce" off walls at high speeds to make a sharp turn or "crash" into other cars to get ahead. This is why I absolutely love Forza 2... makes me race a clean race and force me to win by racing smart.

Blademask3896d ago (Edited 3896d ago )

Thats the main reason I do single laps in GT5, and just time myself. Its not fun playing the A.I, in the least. Not when its bumper cars.

I'd be PERFECTLY fine with the penalty like in rally mode on GT4 when you bumped someone or fell off the track, but the AI needs the same rules. Online racing is going to be a tragedy, as is just single player mode when the AI doesn't respond to you.

For the most part in GT5p, the AI still doesn't stop to avoid you, it rams back into you just like in gt4, gt3, gt2 gt1.

Stop in forza, the cars KNOW you are on the track and will avoid you. And thats forza1.

Polyphony has NEVER confirmed damage. They just said its possible to be an update.

PMR_213896d ago

has been confirmed numerous times to include damage

for goodness sake, this is only a prologue

stop being so damn critical

TheExecutive3896d ago

i agree there needs to be damage and I agree that there will be damage in the final version.

XBOX 3603896d ago (Edited 3896d ago )

Blademask, there are penalties during online play, event modes, etc.

If you bump into someone or take shortcuts off the track, it locks you out from accelerating/braking for a set # of seconds.

I'm sure they've tuned this up from the Japanese version I'm playing. Even without damage, it is still extremely fun to play online.

And let's face it, when Polyphony does damage, it will be REAL damage. Forza 2, I drove into a wall at 200mph and my front bumper fell off and my car started to sway to the right a bit ... I wouldn't call that realistic.

gogators3896d ago

get in that car and drive back into that same wall at 200 miles an hour head on. Then come back and tell us all about how that car handles.

sonarus3896d ago

This argument will never die. For me the game is still worth a purchase without damage. however gran turismo is all about the realistic, and damage really is that next level. I think i read somewhere that this might be their last game too. Expect tons of DLC off GT5. So essentially everything users have been wanting in GT will come to GT5. Nothing will be saved for GT6 they are going to put every single effort to get this game as perfect as possible. From their view, this game should still be king for yrs to come

dalibor3896d ago (Edited 3896d ago )

Have you ever heard of... motorstorm haha that should satisfy your "crash" adrenaline needs.

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Bathyj3896d ago

"You'll also be able to download the game, which ships on a Blu-ray disc, but only weighs in at a modest 1.9 GB online. You get down to that number by apparently using a godlike compression algorithm."

Nice to know PS3 can be compressed if they have to. Thank God they hardly ever have to. BR for me.

MorganX3895d ago

I doubt very seriously that the 1.9GB download contains 51 or even 25BG compresses. Chances are the BD is for those who want physical media. I doubt that it's full unless there's lots of extras.

Rice3896d ago (Edited 3896d ago ) are amazing!!!

EDIT: are crappy... are u happy now!

Homicide3896d ago

Ignore those 360 fanboys disagreeing with you. They're just jealous we get the best racer. Only on Playstation.