GameSpy: Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 Review

GameSpy writes: "We've put an incredible amount of time into playing Rainbow Six: Vegas 2, and we can honestly say that we'll be putting way more time into it in the future. While not a giant leap from the first Vegas, Vegas 2 hits most of the crucial points that made the first game so popular. Yet the absence of four-player co-op in the story mode is noticeable and disappointing and there are clearly still some things that Ubisoft Montreal has a difficult time dealing with (remember the sound bugs from Vegas?). But do those issues really impact the experience that much, or can you expect the same caliber of tactical gunplay that monopolized Xbox 360s and PS3s over a year ago? We're going in..."


-A.C.E.S. progression system is brilliant
-Generally improved AI
-Great story


-Still some minor bugs
-No four-player co-op in the story mode

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