The Rarest and Most Valuable NES Games

Considering how much of a nostalgic powerhouse the NES is, there should be little surprise that Nintendo's 8-bit library is filled with so many collectors pieces. And opposed to the Super Nintendo's rare and valuable list, the most desirable NES games are not necessarily the most popular games. Because of the unassuming nature of these titles, you may be unaware of the treasures that could be found in a local garage sale, flea market, or your own closet.

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TwissT3927d ago (Edited 3927d ago )

My friend's brother has a Nes from a long time ago and I think that he has some of these games.

jinn3927d ago

Mario, Megaman, and that duck shooting game with that gun

joehobbes3927d ago

Those are good games, but not rare or valuable

joehobbes3927d ago

I've seen some of those before, but the values have really taken off over the last year or two!

sumfood4u3927d ago

Since it was added stainless steel instead of NES copper an i have Mike Tyson Punchout, both Golden Zeldas, all 3 Mario brother games, all 3 Castlevanias & my all time Favorite River City Ransom!

SlyGuy3927d ago

If only I could find my copy of Duck Tales. That game was sweeta!