Freeloader for Wii: All hype and no substance

Geekpulp finds out the truth behind the new Freeloader for the Wii

"Sure, the disc is allowing owners to play Super Smash Bros. Brawl (US) months before its PAL release. But what about future games, and what if Nintendo chooses to "break" Freeloader like they did with the earlier version (which was for GameCube games only)?
When Freeloader Wii was first announced a few weeks ago, I immediately emailed Codejunkies and this morning received a generic email reply with the following FAQs:"

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VillageVidiot3927d ago (Edited 3927d ago )

This guy didn't read the manual. I've used the freeloader, it worked fine when I followed the directions. Nobody can predict the future, so why should they claim it will work with EVERY future update?

It's possible to use the freeloader to update the game side of things, and NOT update the dashboard. (This will allow games that require updates to function, but stop Nintendo from locking out the Freeloader with an update).

It's all included in the instructions.

kangbuo3927d ago

What if Nintendo releases a game which needs an update, and this update will block the freeloader.

I got your point, the freeloader will be able to block the update, but what if this update is necessary to log on their servers i order to play online?

Then you"ll have to choose between your freeloader or the online play

ChickeyCantor3926d ago play works here with my freeloader.

There is some sort of disclaimer on the " manual": that it works with the current FIRMWARE.
they acknowledge it might not work with future updates.
This article is pretty pointlessXD

mikeslemonade3927d ago

It's only $20 so if the freeloader doesn't for some of the newer games then you pay $20 more for the next freeloader which is a good investment since one new game is $50.