PS Vita Update 2.12 Live Now

Sony announced an optional update earlier on Twitter and it is now available for download.

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ftwrthtx1901d ago

Nothing noticibly different

tachy0n1901d ago

hope this fixes the crashes i've experiencing with the web and youtube apps!

Oldman1001901d ago

My Vita cooks my meals now. It grew a pair of arms and legs and headed straight to the kitchen. Thanks Sony!

Oldman1001901d ago (Edited 1901d ago )

They are both in the kitchen at the moment having a turf war.

UPDATE: PS3 just turned on via remote play. Vita is trying to use the Cell processor to outsmart mother.

matrixman921901d ago

ive been having a weird problem where my swipe/lock screen gets stuck and it wont let me swipe. I just have to wait awhile until it finally lets me do it. It scares me when I have a game active, I really dont want to turn off the system with it open still.

ftwrthtx1901d ago

I've noticed that as well. It like pauses mid-swipe sometimes, but then after I swipe a few more times it will finally clear the screen. Wierd.

Raziology1901d ago

Just turn your Vita off (Holding the power button for around 3 seconds and then choosing to power the Vita off). Then power it on back again. This has fixed this problem for me.

damaster1901d ago

anybody have any issues with music unlimited after the latest app update? the music stops once in a while when the screen is off and after swiping the lock screen it resumes okay again. :/

metsgaming1900d ago (Edited 1900d ago )

Yes and i know why. When you use music unlimited and turn off the screen just to listen the music stops when you get a notification. When you turn in on you will see a notification you didnt have before.

Kevin McCallister1901d ago

I wish they would start publishing a real changelog to go along with these updates. I'm so tired of seeing "improves system software stability".

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