New Drive Club Details Plus Screens

Latest racer for the PS4 will be "one of the biggest titles for Sony from a DLC perspective”

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killasder1967d ago

God dam beautiful!!!! #datps4powerr

Hands Up For Games1967d ago

Really? Does it look like a massive leap over GT5 or Forza 4?

The game is stunning, no doubt about that. I don't know, I was just hoping for more I suppose.

supraking9511967d ago

just think it will look like that when you play it unlike gt5 or forza 4. duh

Minato-Namikaze1966d ago

As always screens can never really do a beautiful game justice. Seeing a game in motion on a HD display brings out alot of the finer details.

aCasualGamer1966d ago

I have to agree with Minato-Namikaze...

There comes a time in graphical leaps when it doesn't do the game justice judging it by lowres screens. You have to see it running in 1080p on a PS4 before you can say it looks like GT5 or Forza 4.

I was blown away by the trailer. Seeing it in 1080p was inspiring. I wish more devs put in that level of passion in details within a game.

Here's hoping we see more games like it.

Hands Up For Games1967d ago (Edited 1967d ago )


Will it? We all saw the videos of GT and Forza when done in picture mode, they looked as good if not better than this. Have you seen Project Cars?

And by the way, im not negging on this title or the PS4, ill be picking one up on Day 1, im just a bit underwhelmed with the games for the PS4 and what were going to see on the 720.

I have disdain for both, so neg away fanboys on both sides :)

Crazyglues1967d ago (Edited 1967d ago )

@ Hands Up For Games

Yeah I think you might be right just a little.. First let me say, "I'm pumped for this game and can't wait to get this -Day-One-"

-But I too am worried that we might be getting on the hype bus... We need to see the game in-game before we can really judge..

Hopefully it's at E3 which I believe it will be and we will get a real look at it in-game... and see exactly what in-game Looks like..

Then we will be able to really judge it..
But yeah nice pictures.. I guess we will see-

||.........___||............ ||

Genuine-User1967d ago

These screenshots don't do the game any justice.
Did you see the trailer?

Why o why1966d ago

im with genuine user... These pictures don't do it justice. The trailer looked great

Why o why1966d ago

I'm with genuine user... These pictures don't do it justice. The trailer looked great

Blackdeath_6631966d ago (Edited 1966d ago )

not all of the trailer is gameplay footage the part that was is indeed beautiful and stunning but after the guy presses the start engine button on the Koenigsegg there is a clear pause in the video after which the edited trailer plays whether it was recorded using game engine or not i'm not sure .(probably is)

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badz1491966d ago

but arcade racing is definitely the 1 I'm into. Motorstorms have been great and I love them all. I've loved Evolution studios since the day they were developing the WRC Xtreme game on PS2 and from there they moved on to Motorstorm and now this...I'm definitely on board! you guys rock and know how to make good racing games!

coolmast3r1967d ago

don't get me wrong...i understand all this ps4 hype...but this doesn't look like something that would make me wow.

Pintheshadows1966d ago

Well, that is you specifically. However you and no one else controls my wow reflex but me. The reflections on the car details were enough for me to say wow.

hobohunterz1966d ago

We already have got you wrong from crying in every drive club article.

panbit861967d ago

HOLY GUACAMOLE! These are amazing!

mrmancs1967d ago Show
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