EA: Crysis 3 and Dead Space 3 did not meet expectations

GS:Publisher says big-budget shooters "came in below our forecast" despite topping charts during release month.

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zeal0us1895d ago (Edited 1895d ago )

Another publisher setting their expectation too high. Hire better analyst or something.

zeal0us1894d ago

These companies(EA,Capcom,SE) are shoving tons of money into these games. Which leads to the game needing to sell a large amount in order to make a profit to cover the budget cost. When the games doesn't meet expect sale figures they're failure to the big suits upstairs.

Is it that hard to shoving so much money into these games. Dark Souls sold over 2m and is a success and I'm will to bet their budget probably wasn't anywhere near Crysis 3 or DS3.

Captain Qwark 91894d ago

and DS is 100x better than those games

abzdine1894d ago

it's us customers who have to say that, not EA. if those games suck then no one will buy them, and they suck!

piroh1894d ago

surprised? after all the hype from Crytek...

PeaSFor1894d ago

if only they could stop yapping about their visuals/engine they could focus and stop to forget about the FUN in their games.

Baka-akaB1894d ago

Too hig sales analysis didnt do any harm to those titles . What killed them is trying to pander to a formula over keeping their original strength and actually growing stronger from those .

No analysis needed to see that crysis 2 was already selling lower on 3 platform than crysis 1 on a single one .

princejb1341894d ago

I don't really care about crysis games
However dead space is one of my favorite games this gen
But as the sequels came in they were making it more and more action oriented

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Muffins12231895d ago

Shame...crysis 3 was better than crysis 2 and crytek redeemed themselves for pc gamers if you ask me...

HeavenlySnipes1894d ago

It was better, but I don't know. It just felt off to me

cayleee1894d ago

"and crytek redeemed themselves for pc gamers if you ask me..."

Lol no they didnt Crysis 3 is a linear piece of crap. Crytek may not even bother might as well rename the game COD with Nanosuit.

IcyEyes1894d ago

Agree ... C3 is better than C2 (I love both anyway) ...

Baka-akaB1894d ago (Edited 1894d ago )

saying it's better isnt saying much mind you . And no they didnt redeem themselves for pc gamers . PC gamers had that stunning indeed experience , with FULL open world in crysis 1... not an attempt to mix and hybridize C1 and C2 .

What was the point ? C2 was a dissapointment in sales and customer feedback , why the hell would to try to pawn off its closed nature as anything positive to incorporate is a less closed game ? no one asked for that .

For storytelling purposes ? Would have been good if they actually had a tale worth telling and were good at it , they are not . It was just a game lesser than c1while better than c2 .

Not nearly good enough with not justification whatsoever behind such an idea .

It feels like an episode of Ramsay's kitchen nightmare , where customers and Ramsay tell a restaurant owner that what he is doing is crap and doesnt work , yet the owner insist his food is great and awesome while covering his ears .

How many crysis sequels flopping before going back to what was really made crysis interesting to some , and improbving upon it ?

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Pozzle1894d ago

It's crazy how high the expectations for games are nowadays.

NYC_Gamer1894d ago (Edited 1894d ago )

I'm not even surprised many of us on N4G already knew Dead Space 3 and Crysis 3 would flop

Baka-akaB1894d ago

Lol do people even know what they are disagreeing with ? it's true that many here called the flop from miles away and they are being told it's true . End of story

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