Battlefield 4 Preview First Look Interview With DICE Patrick Soderlund

DICE exec Patrick Soderlund discusses the developer's goals heading into Battlefield 4 in this exclusive interview.

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LOL_WUT1240d ago

So a more open world single player sounds like fun ;)

creHEARTive1240d ago

yet another battlefield. looks the same to me.

Lockon1239d ago

Yeah another cawadooty fanboy posting the same shit.

CapsLocke1239d ago

Don't you think that he's just a regular gamer, not a CoD fan? He wouldn't say that if he'd be one obviously.

And it IS looks the same. You console gamers probably like playing the same.

SignifiedSix911239d ago

Looks the same? Are you high?

BF4 clearly looks a lot better than 3.


Agheil1239d ago

Love the thumbnail picture haha