EA Sports Will Showcase Its Next-Generation Engine At This Year's E3

DSOGaming writes: "During EA's investor conference call - that took place today - the big company revealed that its next-generation engine that will be powering its upcoming sports titles will be unveiled at this year's E3.."

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NYC_Gamer1898d ago

I hope EA also brings us some next gen gameplay

pompombrum1897d ago

We'll most likely get "next gen" cgi and a bunch of lofty promises. If EA can really pull off a fully fledged next gen engine for it's sports games then AWESOME however until we see real ingame footage, I'll remain skeptical.

DeadlyFire1897d ago

Expect a blend of Frostbite 3 and new animation engine tech.

Root1897d ago

EA Sports is like the only boring bit at E3....sorry sports fans but it really is

Madden/FIFA etc just ruin the flow of some conferences....I'd rather them just show them before E3 or on the show room floor.

ssj271897d ago (Edited 1897d ago )

This engine fifa14 vs fox engine modified PES14
Who will win?
Next gen is a new beginning and whoever start better will dominate.. lile it always happen..
PES14 is by bet.. they fail thia last Gen using the PS2 engine on the PS3 but they have learn their mistake .. and this is a new beginning.

E3 is going to be interesting!

john21897d ago

Yeap, curious to see what both camps have to offer

caseh1897d ago

As long as EA own the Fifa license they would need to seriously f*ck up their games on the next gen of consoles for Konami to creep back in to take the crown.

Many gamers are shallow, EA can boast the 2015/2016/2017 etc rosters exactly as they are. Konami are left with calling players like C.Ronaldo = R.Conaldo. Minor detail like this can make or break a game these days.

alousow1897d ago

this fall is i will be playin both demo on ps4. then i can judge

sprinterboy1897d ago

Really hoping for some awesome engine with a golf game, would love too see a first person view like driveclub with a golf game so you can actually walk the course or drive a golf buggy to add realism

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