Neptunia Team Developing Fairy Fencer F For PlayStation 3

The "Galapagos RPG" teased by Compile Heart is probably called Fairy Fencer F. Famitsu revealed the game this week which will be published by Compile Heart and developed by the Neptunia team. Not much is known about the story aside from the names of the main characters and voice actors: Tiara (Kaori Ishihara, Ram in Neptunia), Fang (Ryota Ohsaka, Mark in Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure), and Allyn (Rumi Okubo, has a role in Fate/Extra CCC).

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fsfsxii1959d ago

Anything from Compile Heart i welcome it
I hope its dark as they promised and not like Hyperdimension Neptunia, not that i hate that game, i just think that CH should try something different.