Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate announced

Dead or Alive 5 is getting a "super" version with extra characters, according to Famitsu.

The magazine announced Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate which adds Ninja Gaiden: Dragon Sword alum Momiji as a playable character.

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caseh1845d ago

Ugh, I knew it.

When DOA5 come about they said there would be no character DLC...and this is why.

The game is as good as dead online despite the temporary boost it got from being free on PSN.

izumo_lee1845d ago (Edited 1845d ago ) Team Ninja & the DOA series is following in Capcom's dirty footprints.

I enjoyed DOA5 a lot & i had no problem with the game's DLC. Why not just continue to update DOA5 rather than release another version of it like Capcom did with Street Fighter 4 & Marvel vs.Capcom.

Its cool that Momiji is finally added to the roster but she better not be the only addition to warrant another game.

Skate-AK1844d ago

They did the same thing with Ninja Gaiden 3.

DivineAssault 1845d ago

Well, looks like i need to trade in my DOA 5 on PS3 & play the waiting game til this comes around

Kalowest1845d ago (Edited 1845d ago )

It's a good think I've waited to get this game!

iamlegend99991845d ago

Sorry but please let this be $40 bucks
Don't wanna spend another $60 bucks again

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