I don't hate EA and neither should you

With no thanks to the internet, the EA bandwagon of hate rolls on across, EA were once again to my astonishment voted the worst company in America, again with no thanks to the internet. I can appreciate people’s passion for video games as it’s something I share, but what I don’t appreciate is undeserved criticism. Yes, EA have made mistakes, but more so than say the banks who have squandered away our money on risky investments? Or even the government due to the lack of quality health care? The point I am making is there is more important things in life to be annoyed about than a video game publisher who has made a few mistakes.

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NYC_Gamer1930d ago (Edited 1930d ago )

EA long track record of ruining studios/franchises speak loud

MGregory6661929d ago

Franchises ruined? Can elaborarte? I addressed the redundancy issues in the article.

brish1929d ago (Edited 1929d ago )

If you read what Casey Hudson was saying about the ending about a year before the game was released it sounded amazing. The released product didn't match the initial vision. EA decides on the times and budget for the game. Mass Effect 3 ending looks like a budget issue, not a design issue. EA is at least partially to blame here.

Micro-transactions in Dead Space allow people to purchase weapon upgrades. It's essentially pay to win. This demeans people who play the game without paying to win by making trophies and achievements rather pointless. They don't mean anything if they are easy to obtain by purchasing the best equipment to remove any challenge in obtaining them. Sure micro-transactions are optional but so is buying the game. I chose not to buy Dead Space 3 because it contained micro-transactions.

The war against "pre-owned" games is actually a war against gamers rights. Some people buy a game, then when they are done with it sell it back for credit so that they can purchase more games. People do this with homes, cars, movies, well just about everything. The game industry is attacking gamers rights to the products they purchase. If people bought a car and the car company said they couldn't sell it because they don't get a cut people would rightfully be pissed off. Do you not understand the gaming industry is attacking your rights?

Army_of_Darkness1929d ago (Edited 1929d ago )

EA is just following the trend of casual smart phone games that all have a massive amount of micro-transactions, so If you hate EA for that you should also hate every casual smart phone game developer as well cause I'm sure they started it. For me, as long as it's still possible to finish the game without these micro-transactions then I'm fine because I have no intentions on purchasing any of it.

3-4-51929d ago

I don't hate EA....they just underachieve every year because they release yearly titles.

If they were smart they would be working on Fifa 16 right now as they are working on Fifa 15....

That way, instead of having 1 year to dev...they get 2.

They need a sub-dev team to get the head start on games.

Majin-vegeta1930d ago

I don't hate EA.i just hate the clowns who run it at the moment.

LOL_WUT1930d ago

I don't hate EA either all I know is that there's a CERTAIN group who does. ;)

With that said bring on the Star Wars games!

PopRocks3591929d ago

Actually you're wrong, there are several groups. Fans of Brutal Legend, Mirror's Edge, Dead Space and SimCity all have a right to hate their guts.

ACESupERIC1929d ago

Careful what you wish for. Disney ea will sequel til u puke. You think people hate cod? Wait til kotor or battle front 37

L0YD1930d ago

I hate EA and so should you.

fsfsxii1930d ago

I hate EA for ruining franchises. Adding Microtransactions. Implenting online passes. Renting servers (that what made me stop playing BF3)
Pretty much after DS3 i sworn to not buy anything from them anymore

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