CounterSpy Announced For PlayStation 3, PS Vita

Today, Sony has revealed an all-new game coming to both PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita: CounterSpy.

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GreenRanger1960d ago (Edited 1960d ago )

Keep those games coming, Sony.
@ disagrees
Instead of disagreeing with me like spoilt children, why don't you voice your arguments and show that you have at least a shred of dignity?

Catoplepas1960d ago

Because there is no argument to be had.

Just embittered jealousy. *shrug*

ApolloTheBoss1960d ago

Pay no mind to the jealous Xbots.

Blastoise1960d ago

I like the look of this game, you can tell an Ex-pixar employer is working on it, the art style looks a bit like the incredibles :)

skyrimer1960d ago

It looks cool, after Guacamelee we need another quality side scroller for the Vita

LOGICWINS1960d ago

The PS Vita has a hell of a future!

LOGICWINS1960d ago

Sony wasn't kidding with all these announcements this week.