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EA’s Star Wars Games Could Still Appear on Wii U

GXC: "The recent news of EA’s deal with Disney to produce Star Wars games has been met with both excitement and anger from the gaming community. Many Nintendo fans feel slighted by EA because of certain business decisions leading many to believe that EA has abandoned or will not support the Wii U or 3DS much more in the future. However, during the question portion of EA’s Q4 2013 Earnings Conference Call today, EA commented on their recent deal with Disney to produce Star Wars games that could shine a new light on the situation." (3DS, EA, Wii U)

n4f  +   846d ago
ya right
later this year; wiiu not powerful enough for the force but the game still comes to ps4,ps3,ps2 vita,psp,ipod,ipad,iphone,360, nextbox,and pc
dogoodmatters  +   846d ago
Sad but true.
bigchad  +   846d ago
EA SUCKS!!! you cant believe a word EA says.
gamer42  +   846d ago
Yeah, but they're going to be the watered down, no DLC, feels 10X times worse than the others version. but still for some reason the Xbox 360 version will look and play better despite being weaker.
In other words, I don't trust EA.
LOL_WUT  +   846d ago
Don't count on it unless Disney has the final say. ;)
zalanis  +   846d ago
i agree, its really up to disney where theirgames end up.
Skate-AK  +   846d ago
If they are all using Frostbite 3 then they will not show up on Wii U. They don't even have Frostbite running on Wii U. Doesn't matter what Disney has to say about it.
BATRA  +   846d ago
bigchad  +   846d ago
trine 2 does not run on frostbite 2 engine.
Skate-AK  +   846d ago
You're thinking of Frozenbyte. That is the developer of Trine 2. Frostbite is an in-house EA engine.
BATRA  +   846d ago
its need for speed game sorry
that run it ok
sephx22  +   846d ago
I don`t think so, EA and Nintendo have BEEF.
jameson12345  +   845d ago
I would buy these games if they came on the Wii U. However, I'm probably in the minority of gamers that probably would not buy it if it didn't. Its not out of spite, its just because I don't want a PS4 or XBOX 720. I know they will be good consoles, and I'll play them at a friend's house, but I haven't really seen any games on any of these systems since the Xbox and PS2 that I would buy a another console for. I have a good gaming rig and Nintendo's console, so I'm good.

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