Top 10 Games EA Should Develop With Star Wars License

"May the Force be with us, lol.

Ever since it was announced yesterday that Electronic Arts has exclusive rights to the Star Wars license, everyone and their mom started brainstorming what the giant publisher might have in store. So here at GameRevolution, we decided to compile all of our thoughts—for good or ill, or for good old-fashioned hilarity—on our Top 10 picks for what that Star Wars game should be."

~ GameRevolution

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Wedge191901d ago

EA is going to go nuts with this one, or at least they had better. They are now sitting on a goldmine of gaming content.

TrendyGamers1901d ago

Anything starring Boba Fett could be awesome.

Jaqen_Hghar1901d ago

A man thinks a Jabba the Hut protagonist game would be amazing. The biggest loser Star Wars! Better with Kinect/Pseye

Majin-vegeta1901d ago

Really no SWBF3??*Bangs head on desk*No no no!!

DeadlyFire1900d ago (Edited 1900d ago )

Well EA stated 3 studios.

Bioware team

I am thinking 3 projects are starting in the design stages. I am wondering how long ago did they acquire the rights to Star Wars License. If they have any mock up teaser videos prepared for E3.

DICE = Battlefront 3. It fits perfectly. The game mimics Battlefield and who better to do the game justice than the originators of the genre of Battlefront?

Visceral = Star Wars 1313 or similar title I am thinking. Since Visceral is known for 3rd person action titles I believe.

Bioware team = KOTOR like RPG for the new Star Wars films? or a KOTOR 3 maybe?

Am I off at all on these assumptions? This is only the first wave. Knowing EA they are bound to try more than just once to grab our attention with Star Wars titles.

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