Soul Sacrifice: The Kotaku Review

Kotaku: "Soul Sacrifice feels like a game designed by somebody in a bad mood. This exclusive for Sony’s handheld is all about using your own pain—or the agony of others—for power. Grim? Sure. But, it’s also the best reason I’ve had in months to keep my Vita charged and in my bag."

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Heavenly King1898d ago

this game is fantastic. Just finished the story mode, and now I am going after the remaining Avalon Pacts. I wonder how hard a 10stars pact can be LMAO XD

LOGICWINS1898d ago

How long did it take you to beat the story?

beakeroo11898d ago

I've played 23 hours so far moving back and forth between story and avalon. I'm probably leveled up enough to finish the story now. I'm not sure it would be possible to rush straight through story.

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LOGICWINS1897d ago

WOW, I'm so torn right now. I wanna get a Vita, but I also want a PS4 :/

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fei-hung1898d ago

I'm getting my ass kicked on 1.5 stars when fighting twin Jack'o's, I'm shitting my pants thinking what 10 star difficulty will be like.

What health/damage levels did you work with?

I'm loving the game so far. Put about 6hoyrs into it so far. Only done a quarter of story mode and on the second lot of Avalon Pacts. Trying to level up as much as possible by redoing missions and Pacts before continuing with story.

Ron_Danger1897d ago

Make sure you have the right elemental defenses on your arm and equip the correct elemental attacks. Fire defense and ice attacks on jack-o's. Also make sure your alies have ice attacks. Focus on one at a time and you should be fine. I beat that mission with health and magic both at lvl 10.

tubers1897d ago

Just wait til you fight two wyverns at once..

Unless you already breathe and eat gamefaqs..

Blastoise1898d ago

Totally digging this game

H4all1897d ago

my arm need more power... :3
thanks kotaku :P

belac091897d ago

amazing.. seriously! im 30 hours in and i dont even have half of the content finished.

Hanso1897d ago

very good game i love it! and funny thing thing is i dont even like Monster Hunter games XD
by build is 16/38 yester day i saw someone with 1/99
he was transformed like a monster really cool!

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