Top 5 Games I Want From the EA Star Wars Acquisition

Allow me to wax fantastical about the games I want from the recent EA/Star Wars deal.

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Kamikaze81962d ago

I think Battlefront 3 is the game that everyone wants, but BioWare could certainly make something *puts on glasses* out of this world.

Lionheart3771962d ago

C'mon. We all want Shadows of the Empire 2.



darthv721962d ago

would be an interesting chapter to resurrect.

He goes on to do many other things in the comic series but the game would have you believe he died unless you play it on the harder levels of course.

I like the premise of force unleashed. while the 2nd game wasnt as well received as the 1st, they could redeem the series with a good 3rd and final entry.

chewy0011962d ago

Battlefront 3 for sure. I would even settle for a remake of Battlefront 1 and 2 on Xbox Arcade or PSN to play against other people again. Come on EA, don't screw up like usual.

hooba931962d ago


RuleofOne343 1962d ago (Edited 1962d ago )

I would gladly welcome a new KOTOR , maybe a completed 1313 . Get those going & I will buy them both.

OpieWinston1962d ago

Give me Star Wars Galactic Battleground, just take from that game for a nice RTS.