The Wii U Virtual Console Has Started, But Not With a Bang

Nintendo Life: The Wii U Virtual Console is well and truly up and running, which its greatest supporters will say is a more-than-welcome boost of old-school goodies to fill out the Wii U lineup, and the greatest cynics may say it's another example of Nintendo mastering the art of selling very old rope. Based on the service's launch, there's probably merit to both sides of the argument, but we feel confident in saying one thing for certain — it certainly hasn't enjoyed the same buzz that we saw with the Wii Virtual Console.

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zalanis1929d ago

Ninty just needs to go all out already. They need to stop this trikleing effect of putting out the 1st batch then 2nd etc. etc. just put all retro games already and let us gamers decide which games we download. And while their at it, put the GBA VC on 3ds already.