GI Reveals DriveClub PS4 Details: "One of the Biggest Titles for Sony From a DLC Perspective”

This morning, Game Informer promised a blowout PS4 issue that would release today digitally. Now that the issue is out, new details have spilled out, including information about the PS4 exclusive racer DriveClub.

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Sev1927d ago

True. Sony could milk the shiznit out of this. DLC paint, DLC rims, DLC cars, DLC tracks. Hell, it's not really Sony's fault that racers are DLC glory.

TrendyGamers1927d ago

Don't forget about DLC clouds and DLC people.

Wedge191927d ago

DLC weather conditions. DLC Tires. DLC decals, advertising different games. Genius.

GalacticEmpire1927d ago (Edited 1927d ago )

DLC Carbon fiber weave patterns *heavy breathing*

Salooh1927d ago

Dlc cats racing instead karting :)

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ftwrthtx1927d ago

This is one title I'm really looking forward to.

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Wedge191927d ago

I usually hate racing games. But I am mildly intrigued... maybe it's just PS4 hype that's gripping me.

Veneno1926d ago

I us3d to not understand the hype around racing games, but then I played an open world racing game, Test drive unlimited. After that I fell in love. If you haven't tried an open world racer yet, I highly suggest you do.

Wedge191926d ago

I played Midnight Club LA, had fun for a while, but fell out of interest quickly. Burnout is great though!

Veneno1926d ago

Lol I actually would never recommend midnight club. Thats probably the most unrealistic driving I've ever played.

blackbirdi1927d ago (Edited 1927d ago )

DLC that's mean no buy for me

mydyingparadiselost1926d ago

Why does anyone support dlc at all? This is a ridiculous practice and everyone that buys into it is just making their games more expensive and having game content taken out for the sake of it being sold later, not to mention the things that are going to be charged for in games is going to start affecting how a game can be played in the first place.

blackbirdi1926d ago

well there is too much rich people in this world or too stupid lol

Pintheshadows1926d ago

I both agree and disagree. I've always stood by the 'if it's worth it, fine' methodology. I disagree with the whole pay for an extra hat etc.

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The story is too old to be commented.