BioWare confirms it will show Dragon Age III at E3

"This news is expected, but BioWare's next game, Dragon Age III: Inquisition, will have a presence at E3. While no confirmation has been given as to what will be shown, the game's creative director confirmed they will be at E3 2013 this June.\"

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Reborn1895d ago (Edited 1895d ago )

It's about time. Now Bioware, and EA.. I hope it's an enjoyable experience.

Pretty please, with a dollar on top?

ApolloTheBoss1895d ago

Hope for the best and expect the worst.

showtimefolks1895d ago

For all the complaining of DA2 I hope the combat in DA3 is a lot more action than turn based stop and go like first games was

Now I know I will be hated for saying this

But I believe the combat should stay hack and slash action feel but should evolve but turning it into a turn based isn't the answer. Or maybe provide both and let people choose how they want to play

For all the hate DA2 got it was actually a very good game, but fans of first DA just didn't want to give it a chance so they labelled it as failure. That's the problem with a lot of gamers the moment their favorite game changes a bit they complain but if the developer keep everything the same

Than the complain is developers don't take risks

So choose one whats gonna make you happy

Of a developer does exactly what you want than the complain is they don't evolve or take risks

And if they do change than its oh but or was perfect before

Hard to please every one

NYC_Gamer1895d ago (Edited 1895d ago )

That's because many of us original Dragon Age fans loved Origins combat/story/world and our Grey Warden.

Salooh1895d ago

Dragon age 1 combat was sucks. It's too boring. But i loved the story that's why i completed the game. All i'm asking is fun gameplay with great story. I don't even care if it's challenging or not even though it's important factor to me. I just want them to make it right this time..

maniacmayhem1895d ago

I loved the combat in DA2 and I also hope they import it to the next game. What I didn't like was the re-use of the same dungeon, the little to no story and the absolute zero threat of a main antagonist until the very end. Also, not being able to change the appearance and fully customize of your team members is a major RPG no no.

Hoping those aspects are fixed for the next installment.

Captain Qwark 91894d ago

i actually agree 100% with everything you just said. i actually hated the game when it first released and just a couple weeks ago started playing it again just because. ive had some time to cool off ( a couple years lol ) about all the changes and to be honest, its still a pretty damn good game. not without its faults and i dont think it is as good as the first. here are my thoughts.

1. combat
2. graphics
3. voice acted main character
4. loot
5. skill tress

1. world isnt varied enough
2. story is okay but nowhere near the level of the first
3. party characters arent that great, in DAO i couldnt decide who i wanted because i liked them all
4. not enough interactions with party members. i loved talking to them at camp

what id like in DA3
1. bring back the wardens
2. better story
3. better party members
4. let me customize everyones gear
5. lots of locations and towns to visit
6. bring back the campsite
7. leave combat like DA2

Anon19741895d ago

My main problem with Dragon Age 2 was that it wasn't Dragon Age Origins. I had fun with DA2 and it was a perfectly serviceable rpg, but I freaking loved the first game and was always holding it up to that standard while playing. DA2 wasn't a bad game by any stretch of the imagination. It just didn't live up to it's predecessor and for that I think it was judged too harshly online.

Plus, like anything that becomes popular, the moment you have something that everyone seems to like, there will always be a subset of the community that's going to find a reason to hate you no matter what you do. Also, I noticed that the sudden, upsurge in Bioware hate also seemed to coincide with Bioware bringing Mass Effect 2 to the PS3. It was really around that time when suddenly the online opinion of Bioware took a complete turn. Anyone else notice that?

I'm hoping DA3 knocks my socks off.

Jek_Porkins1895d ago

I love the Dragon Age games, but am not a fan of the Frostbite Engine at all, it will be interesting to see how a RPG looks on the engine. Hopefully it's not a huge departure from the series in terms of art style.

Neko_Mega1895d ago

So I'm guessing next gen? Seeing how it seems like its coming out during that time or while they are out. I hope combat is like Dragon Age 2 at least, the first one felt more like it would be better played on PC.

But I own both an pretty much all dlc, I just hope this one is really good.

R_aVe_N1895d ago

I am keeping an open mind about this game really loved the first not so much for the second. So right now they are batting 50/50 so they still deserve some credit on this series. I am really hoping it is really enjoyable to play like the first.

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