Primal Carnage: Genesis new screens and details

Lukewarm Media is following up last year's multiplayer-only action game Primal Carnage with a single-player, episodic prequel that reveals how the series' doomed island ended up in the claws of reptilian inhabitants.

In addition to being single-player only, Primal Carnage: Genesis will introduce a wider variety of gameplay experiences, including stealth, exploration, and puzzle-solving sequences. Each episode will introduce new environments and dinosaurs, as well as new features.

So far Lukewarm Media has only released a few teaser trailers and screenshots of the game, but the positive reception of Primal Carnage and our own unabashed love of Jurassic Park have us eager to see more of the project.

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Wizziokid1091d ago

very excited to see more of this, love my dino games!

DrRichtofen1091d ago

I hope this is way better than the first primal carnage, gameplay wise.

SugarSoSweet1091d ago

yet again another FPS will it ever end?

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