Knack,The Character In The PS4′s First Announced Game,Can Grow 30 Feet Tall + New Info

Knack, the first PlayStation 4 game to ever be shown, is an interesting project, not least because of the main behind the game – Sony’s own Mark Cerny – is the one largely responsible for shaping the new console’s hardware specs.

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Abash1846d ago

Long live 3D platformers, definitely getting Knack

GalacticEmpire1846d ago

Just not enough of them around these days, Knack will also be on my launch buy list, if only to support the genre.

abzdine1846d ago

i think i'm gonna get it too!
this really shows Sony will keep supporting different types of games for different audiences!

Knack is made by Mister Cerny so i'm expecting it will be the Crash Bandicoot of the PS4

Blastoise1846d ago (Edited 1846d ago )

The more I think about the PS4 event, the more I think it was Knack that actually stole the show lol :)

I re-watched the trailers last night in fact, I think it's gonna be a great game

shivvy241846d ago

I definately think theres a next gen ratchet cause of the movie ! Hope sly cooper makes a return ! With all the jak and daxter ports recently im hoping theres a new jak ! hope sony brings back the 3d platformer and make it a norm !

indubitably1846d ago

I am a huge fan of 3D platformers but this game looks very underwhelming to me.

thechosenone1845d ago

Oh god yes. We need more platformers next-gen.

- Mix of platforming and fighting against dozens of enemy types

LOL_WUT1845d ago

Same here hopefully I hope everyone gives it a try. ;)

dendenmooshi1845d ago

Just to comment on the figure, this may be Sony's attempt at a PS4 "mascot." My response to that is "nice, and great potential."

My thoughts on its potential as the mascot: The character is as fun and lighthearted as Sackboy, but will probably have more personality (due to being in a save the world story). The story itself lends itself to a good potential of humor. The gameplay looks like it can be very versatile as well. I like the potential.

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jakmckratos1846d ago

Perhaps if enough people get it SOny will realize how big the want for 3D platformers actually is and go buy Crash Bandicoot back from Acti-poop-sion.

joeorc1846d ago

"Perhaps if enough people get it SOny will realize how big the want for 3D platformers actually is and go buy Crash Bandicoot back from Acti-poop-sion."

funny you mention this: who is Knacks creator?

well take a look at this , a very big Hint:

Crash Bandicoot you say?

Mark Cerny (born 1964) is a video game industry figure who has worked as a game designer, programmer, producer and business executive

He has worked extensively with Naughty Dog (on the Crash Bandicoot, Jak and Daxter series and the first Uncharted game), Insomniac Games (on the Spyro the Dragon, Ratchet and Clank series and Resistance series), and Sony.

Thats right the Lead System Architect for PS4 is the Daddy of crash !

Grin, how many people over looked this i do not know how...wide Grin..the PS4 is true to life in great Hands in my opinion.

ChrisW1846d ago

Since Knack looks like he's made from knick-knacks, I just hope they don't name any one in the game Knick or Paddy-Whack...

Or give a dog a bone...

brave27heart1845d ago

Please let there be an old irish guy propped up in the corner of a bar called Paddy Whack.

Robotronfiend1845d ago

Including an Irish character named Paddy Whack = +1 review score.

Docknoss1846d ago

This looks like one of those casual games that 10 year olds play

Relientk771845d ago

Well said man, definitely on my buy list

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ApolloTheBoss1846d ago

Oh yeah I'm definitely playing this.

-Gespenst-1846d ago

“We hate to see all the PS4 games being FPS or action-adventure or very photorealistic,” Shuhei Yoshida.

I can't believe how sensible Sony are being!! Unless they're just cashing in on a certain zeitgeist and don't really care about the experiences that much... Mark Cerny's cool though, he should just run Sony, together with an equally cool Japanese person since it is a Japanese company.

showtimefolks1846d ago

Well you look at ps3 and not everything was FPS or action adventure

Sony has a long history of delivering variety and that's why we their fanbase like them so much

Prcko1846d ago

i think we gonna have plenty of fun in this game :)

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