Thought Experiment: A Console Without First-Person Shooters

Kotaku: "American gamers love first-person shooters, but imagine a game console that didn't have any. Imagine one with no Call of Duty and no Battlefield. No Metro Last Light. No Wolfenstein. No big new FPS from Bungie. No big FPS from Respawn. No Killzone. No Halo. No Counter-Strike. No BioShock. No Borderlands.

This shouldn't be that hard to imagine. It's nearly reality.

There's an HD console out now with dual analog sticks on its controller and not one of the aforementioned first-person shooters on the horizon. It's the Nintendo console. The Wii U."

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exfatal1961d ago

As a nintendo fan, I personally don't mind if alot of the big fps titles don't make it to the Wii U, it'll still do fine and promote devs to try something different. But i hope it doesn't end up being like that, cause for Wii U to have a stronger bigger Online community, which it has great potential for (80% connection) it needs the fps series to draw in those players. Also the more AAA games Wii U has the better, regardless of my individual taste.