Top 10 JRPGs That Were Overshadowed by Final Fantasy VII

Hardcore Gamer: Unfortunately, in all of its hype and praise — and regardless of how much it helped define the roleplaying genre – Final Fantasy VII did a huge disservice for the type of game it represented. Many games got swept under the rug due to that one acclaimed product essentially hogging all the glory and this is a list of the top 10 JRPGs that Final Fantasy VII unfortunately overshadowed.

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kalkano1929d ago (Edited 1929d ago )

Shining Force 3 is one of the greatest games of all time! If you hadn't heard, you CAN play all 3 scenarios (and the premium disc) in english!

sf3trans.shiningforcecentral. com

Saigon1929d ago

I always wanted to play that game, but I missed it because I didn't have a Saturn. Either way I think the list would have been even better if it included only the games that came out around the same time as FF7. I say that because I played mostly all the games on that list even after completing FF7. I also think Suikoden should have been on that list. One of the greatest RPGs during that time.

Fullmetalevolust1928d ago

Shining Force 3 is hands down the best PRG I've ever played, and you'd know that by peeking at my profile lol. Luckily, I still have my saturn and I play the scenarios regularly. I have yet to play the premium disc.
It's also on par with the hauntingly beautiful Panzer Dragoon Saga. I honestly enjoy them both and I'd hope to one day be able to own digital versions of these on PSN or any other digital store.
Sega needs to open the vault and re-release these games, shining force 3's code isn't lost, and as far as PD:Saga, well it's just tragic, but perhaps not impossible.

Pozzle1929d ago

Almost every JRPG has been overshadowed by Final Fantasy, tbh. Final Fantasy has become the go-to JRPG series for the Western media to focus on, meanwhile other games (some that are just as good, if not better) get completely ignored.

Pyrrhus1929d ago

I agree, but realistically, Final Fantasy/Kingdom Hearts were both so grand before this generation. But with Squenix's downward trend in terms of quality games at least we get to experience the gems of JRPG this generation.

LightofDarkness1929d ago

Agreed, it can be disconcerting to read of the "demise" of the JRPG simply because the last few Final Fantasy games have been sub-par. The Tales series is certainly deserving of more attention at this stage, while Xenoblade showed many just how relevant and amazing JRPGs can be in the modern gaming world. But it's like everyone has a terrible selective memory disease, because about one month later, we're back "JRPGs ARE DOOMED", despite some sterling releases over the past two years.

Godmars2901929d ago

Honestly can say that each of those games had better character interactions and story involvement than FF7.


izumo_lee1929d ago

If you are a JRPG fan no game is overshadowed by another. I played almost all the games on that list except the Sega Saturn ones cause i didn't have one at the time.

Xenogears is my all time favourite JRPG despite that it wasn't truely finished. Wild Arms was the first game i bought for the Playstation & loved every minute of it. Legend of Dragoon is well legendary. Tales of Destiny was solid. Grandia has one of the best battle systems.

When FF7 released if you were new to the genre than yeah i can agree that the game overshadowed many underrated gems. However if you were a fan of JRPGs before FF7 released than all these games should've been on your playlist.

-Gespenst-1929d ago

I was hoping they wouldn't put Legend of Dragoon on there, but it showed up at the end. That game sucks- serious case of rose-tinted glasses. I still like VII and most of those games, but Legend of Dragoon is shambolic.

Darth Gamer1929d ago

Out of everyone on that list, maybe besides Xenogears, Legend of Dragoon is my absolute favorite. I personally think it is a gem of a game and have been wanting and waiting patiently for a part 2. I don't understand how you thought it was horrible. everything about it was quality. After 4 discs, I was upset that it had ended.

belac091929d ago

i LOVE legend of dragoon, your cray cray.

wishingW3L1929d ago (Edited 1929d ago )

very true. Legend of Dragoon wasn't a good game back in the day and it sure isn't one now. Story was garbage, the battle system was garbage, the characters had no personality at all and the entire progression of the game was as linear as FF13. In fact, Legend of Dragoon doesn't even has side quests... The only people that say that it was a good game are those that only played it when they were like 5 years old and speaking from nostalgia alone.

-Gespenst-1929d ago

Now that's a breath of fresh air! Finally someone who agrees with me.

Actually though, it did have A sidequest. You could fight this superboss called Faust I think, he was really easy though.

Yeah though I mean the dialogue read like it was written by a 5 year old, the story "borrowed" like a hundred tropes from Final Fantasy VII. A large part of the story involved following "the platinum haired man" (Lloyd) Remind you of anyone?

And god the naming of everything- "Winglies", "Melbu Frahma", "The moon that never sets", "The black monster", "Virages" (which = Jenova), "The Valley of Corrupted Gravity". Garbage. Just these names that are desperate to sound "rpg-ish" but come across as nonsense.

The music is one of the most amateur soundtracks I've ever heard. Full of all sorts of definitely unintentional errors.

Characters are like fully 1-D, with the possible exception of Rose, and they've got that stupid childish colour-coding thing going on.

That battle system was just straight broken and largely required luck since it was so glitchy. No skill, just unreliable reflexes, for everything.

I could go on and on.

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