Sony Is Screwing Up Game Streaming on PlayStation 4

Wired: Sony, on some level, understands the appeal of allowing players to stream their games. I think it can actually be a powerful tool for selling more PlayStation 4 consoles. Not necessarily because would-be buyers see a bullet point on the back of the box and say, “Hey, I can stream my games? Cool, I’ll buy this.” But because if games can be streamed, each PlayStation 4 early adopter becomes a small-scale ambassador for Sony products.

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GribbleGrunger1963d ago (Edited 1963d ago )

Yep, they're screwing up something we haven't seen, know very little about and hasn't even released yet. Bad Sony. A tip for those people who are never satisfied: NEVER assume something is going to be there. And NEVER complain when what you assumed to be there isn't.

Muerte24941963d ago (Edited 1963d ago )

Sony is screwing up but then makes a plea with the developers not to screw it up. So which is it? Sony or the developers that will screw it up. Ultimately if the developer doesn't want spoilers all over psn then they have a choice not to utilize the "share" button. Sony is leaving in the hands of devs and publishers. If you have a problem with it then don't buy their game. I'm sure in the end, they'll warm up to allow streaming when it starts affecting their sales.

NewMonday1963d ago (Edited 1963d ago )

sorry, but if Sony allow any 3rd party control over the "share" feature it will be an EPIC EPIC EPIC FAIL! and they need to know that now before it's too late.

Sony is the one selling the "share" promise to the consumer and they will be blamed for it not working, not the publishers or developers.

"spoilers" of any game will hit Youtube in a day or 2, with or without "share",Sony and Publishers/developers can't control the net.

like DragonKnight and lilmetal say adding a "spoiler" notification to the video should be the only thing a 3rd party can do.

GameNameFame1963d ago

Sony will create a platform to be used by Devs.

Why would you close this to third party pubs? You are just choking creativity by closing and restricting the system.

Dont you know?

TronEOL1962d ago

I don't get why they just don't do what Valve does on Steam and has the option of marking the photo or video as a Spoiler. It's probably the easiest thing in the world to add when you look at everything else they're doing.

I do find it pointless if the option/ability is there for sharing, but is limited by the developer. Should be system-implemented by Sony.

Yetter1962d ago

If you honestly think streaming features and restrictions are going to sell copies of games than maybe you have a point. Personally I don't ever see that being the case

joeorc1962d ago (Edited 1962d ago )

"sorry, but if Sony allow any 3rd party control over the "share" feature it will be an EPIC EPIC EPIC FAIL! and they need to know that now before it's too late.

Sony is the one selling the "share" promise to the consumer and they will be blamed for it not working, not the publishers or developers."

And Sony forcing 3rd party developer's and Publisher's on what they can and cannot do with their IP is the right thing to do right?

Look i understand where you are coming from i really do, but you cannot as a publisher force this eddict on developer's and expect them to like you strong arming them. Because there is always more platforms to put their game's on one's which will give them the flexability they want.

you cannot have it both way's, it would be nice but its not always about, what we want, the Ip is created and held by the owner, forcing him or her to do something they they feel ruins the experience is not going to net you any good points with them. There is limits to what you can request of them, and its better to give them that choice than to say we demand it from you. the fact they have a choice does not mean the developer's are going to do what you may think.

I doubt many care, its just leaving the option open to them to make the choice on their IP!

NewMonday1962d ago

the thing is they can't stop clips going in the Net, gamers would just use 3rd party hardware like what is being used now, only they will be pissed off over a pointless policy, and that negativity will be directed at Sony.

MS dictate how online features are used in Xbox Live and developer comply, I don't see why Sony can't do the same thing, and I can't see a developer making a real big issue about it.

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jimbobwahey1963d ago ShowReplies(4)
NukaCola1963d ago (Edited 1963d ago )

So Sony announces an awesome feature but says developers can keep the game from getting spoiled online ruining the experience for others and now it is all about calling Sony screw ups. Internet you're failing as an entity.

Christopher1963d ago

***“There will be parts of a game that the maker does not want people to be able to see,” he said. “The creator may not want to make video of the final boss sharable, for instance.”***

And, by Sony, you mean the developers, right? Sony is just not handling things with a steel gauntlet and, once again, giving the developers and publishers a choice in how to use it rather than forcing their hand.

Sony isn't screwing up streaming. They're just not making decisions that others have the right to make.

And, there's a concept that the author is missing. If the choice was between streaming all or none, and those people were worried about streaming only part of the game, then the choice would land on only some of the games being streamed at all rather than all games streamed but not parts of some games.

The fact is, we're getting more games capable of being streamed with this logic rather than only some.

nukeitall1962d ago

I think a better way is to tell developers to mark sections of their game as spoiler incoming and display that on the screen and allow the user to choose.

It really shouldn't be up to developers in my opinion.

It should be something Sony mandates and implemented by developers, but chosen by consumers.

Christopher1962d ago

It's easy for you to say that, but remember that Sony would then be telling IP owners what to do with their IP. Sony needs the third-parties. The third-parties don't need Sony.

DragonKnight1963d ago

A spoiler option is the ideal solution, not outright blocking. That's just going to piss people off.

Qrphe1962d ago

I see absolutely no reason why things can't be shared within the PS ecosystem. I understand the legal implications of uploading stuff to YouTube but disabling that shouldn't be a biggie.

GribbleGrunger1963d ago

yes, and who's to say that the developers who decide to block a boss fight won't eventually allow it once the game is older? I'm not expecting that though ... I like to live my life 'satisfied'.

DragonKnight1963d ago

That's a stupid solution. They could allow it from the beginning and make everyone happy, or they can block stuff and make just you happy. Which do you think is the better of the two?

lilbrat231963d ago

My question is won't these changes/removal be covered with the TOS that they make you agree too?

GribbleGrunger1963d ago (Edited 1963d ago )

There have been NO changes and there have been NO removals. Unless you can link me to the full list of features that use the share button.

DragonKnight1963d ago

@GribbleGrunger: Why is this a thing for you?

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showtimefolks1962d ago

Lets criticize bore actually getting our hands on the system. Seriously can't wait for E3 so all these so called gaming media members can STHU

It's a feature that was announces and we have no hands on time sit acid wait before complaining

DeadlyFire1962d ago

Gameplay = Shareable.
Story scenes and plot points = Not shareable.

I don't get why so many have problems seeing this. That is what the hardware Video capture if for if you really want it to be shared then do it old skool way with no restrictions.

Yodagamer1962d ago

Well they did make it seem like you would be able to do so. This should have been something stated upfront before people got their hopes up. Otherwise you will have people disappointed if there are some restrictions like this.

Kran1962d ago

"NEVER assume something is going to be there. And NEVER complain when what you assumed to be there isn't."

Not that I'm defending Microsoft, but that's not what many thought about an always-online console...

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doctorstrange1963d ago

I was thinking they meant Gaikai, but no, just share, which isn't a huge feature anyway. Hyperbole time.

Muerte24941963d ago

A game console being able to stream live gameplay without the use of a HD-PVR. I, as a gamer, consider that a huge selling point. No longer will I have to try to recreate and incredible moment in games. You could watch the top guy/girl on the leaderboards live. Study their habits, and dethrone them eventually. I just think you're failing to see the dramatic impact this could have in gaming.

T21963d ago

ya it isn't a deal breaker but as you point out there are a lot of things people haven't considered... I'm going to hire myself out as a battlefield 4 merc and teabag lobby leaders for instance... lol. Not sure if this would be even allowed but would be fun

Wizziokid1963d ago

People are never satisfied.

Majin-vegeta1963d ago

Give me SWBF3 and some tacos and I'll be satisfied :P.

DeadlyFire1962d ago (Edited 1962d ago )

DICE is working on SWBF3 for 2014/2015. I am 2000% sure of this now that EA has the Star Wars license.

Karpetburnz1962d ago

People don't think, when people start to use this share feature, they will then realise how genius this feature is.

lilmetal1963d ago

If it's in the Dev's hands, I'd imagine they'd be smart enough to flash a Spoiler Warning overlay onto the video stream, and leave it up to the viewers to decide to ruin it for themselves.

joeorc1962d ago

"If it's in the Dev's hands, I'd imagine they'd be smart enough to flash a Spoiler Warning overlay onto the video stream, and leave it up to the viewers to decide to ruin it for themselves."

Exactly 100% Sony is atleast giving people the heads up that the developer's can choose to use this or not, remember its the developer's who make the games!

People wanted Sony to get more Game's , i mean has the theme been Sony "where is the games" for the PSVita? been one of the talking points recently?

Once again just because Sony is allowing the Developer to choose to use it or not is not outright mean a bad thing is going to happen, it just means the developer's can choose to use it or not, but if that's the case than developer's would Half @ss it..Maybe so, but if they do they will pay for it!

because as soon as a negative thing gets put out about a game or platform is all out there in the public media stream like the internet. Sim city recently, and look what happened there.

Saleem1011963d ago

Lol another garbage article so I guess he played ps4...

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