The Daily Five: Terrible Sequels We Could Live Without

Stealthy Box writes "Developers sometimes have a knack for delivering great initial experiences which are then followed up by a sequel that is utterly disappointing. On the flip side, sometimes these initial offerings are so bad that it's almost astonishing that a sequel is even developed let alone spread out through future titles beyond that secondary release."

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-Gespenst-1928d ago

Quite a big stretch of the imagination to call XIII-2 a "terrible" sequel. I feel like the only way you could have such an opinion is if you didn't play it. It's far from terrible.

iamlegend99991928d ago

Final Fantasy XIII-2 was awesome fuck this guy

chadwarden1928d ago

dude Lightning is the best.

TechOne1928d ago

I'm going to get down voted to hell for saying this on N4G ....But, I like XIII-2. Suck it haters

TheCagyDies1928d ago (Edited 1928d ago )

I loved it too Ryan, YOU ARE NOT ALONE

as for the other games
Crackdown 2 is Crackdown 1.5
Never played Fusion Frenzy 2 but I thought the first one was awful when it came demoed with Halo 1.
Army of Two The 40th Day wasn't too bad, I borrowed that from my cousin instead of paying the full $60.
Never played White Knight Chronicles 2, played the first one though, hated it.

rextraordinaire1928d ago

Yeah I enjoyed it too. Found it a bit on the easy side, but the monster collection, the battle system, the better environments and all the little tweaks here and there made it a good mouth rinse for it's predecessor.

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The story is too old to be commented.