After 1,000 layoffs, EA could find itself short-handed for Star Wars games

GamesBeat's Dean Takahashi analyzes EA's announced games, scarce resources, and new Star Wars deal. Something has to give.

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maniacmayhem1898d ago

No they won't. As I said in an earlier post, EA is notorious for over staffing especially during game development crunch time. I suspect they will continue this same process they have made famous throughout the industry.
Over staff and then lay-off once the work is completed and shipped.

R_aVe_N1898d ago

Well if you noticed most jobs posted now for EA are (Contract) jobs. So that falls in line with what you have said. They contract in for 6-12 months.

Dan_scruggs1898d ago

I agree. Anyone who's had any real experience in the industry knows this article is a waste of space.

Wagz221898d ago

Hire me, ill get a group of people together and make battlefront because apparently no one else can...

Nodoze1898d ago

You have my vote.

Amazing that the suits in the offices cannot grasp that a Star Wars battlefront title would sell on par with Call of Duty. Perhaps not quite as many copies, but pretty damn close.

Yet we get nothing....

Wagz221898d ago

I don't get it either, its not like you need to make it just for fan service just from a business stand point alone it is you most profitable star wars series but yet you give force unleashed a sequel?!

DeadlyFire1898d ago

DICE will make it. 2015/2016 release. How much ya willing to wager. They could announce as early as E3 2013.