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"Legendary designer Keiji Inafune has dabbled in macabre video games before. He’s most well known for co-creating Mega Man, but he also has Resident Evil, Onimusha and Dead Rising production credits under his belt. Since leaving Capcom, he’s decided to dive back into darkly atmospheric game design with his latest project, Soul Sacrifice.

While it’s obvious that Inafune and the rest..."

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Etseix1901d ago

I played the demo and liked it, still has not tasted the final version ( saving to import the Soul Sacrifice Vita Edition ) i won't bother to read a review like this, if it had a 7 around, it would be still okay to read what's wrong, but 5.5???? move along people,.

KrisButtar1901d ago

I didn't click on the article, but I wanted to give my 2 cents worth in.

My copy finally arrived after my local store being sold out since release, and I can say that I havent been able to put the game down. I know the game is not perfect but I would at least give it a 7 because its "a better than avg game." I don't really like the missions where you need to run around and find "fragments" and while I was out and online, I found that the people kept kicking me out, due to having such a low level(they were like 40\40 I am currently at 20\20) but I believe that will change when I level up a bit more. Any questions just ask

Thirty3Three1901d ago

"Hey, I played one match in the demo... I'm an idiot. What should I rate it?"

"Uhh, I have the game. It's amazing. I'd give it a 9/10 or a 10/10."

"Okay, well I'm not smart, so I'll give it a 5.5/10. People will love me for it."


chestnut11221901d ago (Edited 1901d ago )

"Soul Sacrifice is a humdrum experience that offers no incentive to keep playing."

No incentive your ass. Your conclusion is lame. What You have said can be applied to all games.

I can't believe they are allowing People like these to criticize the game. The Users absolutely are much better.

kayoss1901d ago (Edited 1901d ago )

The problem with some Game Reviewers is that some of these reviewers or critics are accustom to certain genre of games. If you let a guy who loves playing fighting games review an RPG games of course the review going to be bad. I dont know what this guy preference is, but I know for sure Soul Sacrifice type games is not for him.
Plus, reviews can be misleading too. A game that rated 9 for some people can also be rated a 5 for others. It seems that Soul Sacrifice is getting that type of reviews.

"It seemed to me that many of these Offerings were relatively pointless and required too much trial-and-error."
Isnt all RPG or action RPG games are like this. Trial and Error? You wouldnt know the boss's weaknesses until you try out a spells or a strategies that works the best. This is basically what most RPG foundation are built on. This is how i know this particular reviewer is not really into RPG's.

"...After clearing the initial stages I was given new spells (called “Offerings”) and Sigils to use, but not much description as to how to use them"

Yes it does, once you equip these offerings, it tells you to either press triangle, square, or circle button, depending where you equip your offerings. For Sigils, if you press the triangle button before equiping the said sigil, It give you details of what the said sigil do.

Aceman181901d ago

i'm loving this game so far, and this reviewer can go shove this review up his you know what.

Kirnisorey1901d ago

Another site looking for hits

majiebeast1901d ago

Click the plus next to the site's name and rate it down. Dont give the site any hits or use addblock+.

1901d ago
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