Does The Old Republic put a nail in the coffin for Star Wars games?

In this article, we look at Michael Pachter’s views on Disney and EA, theorizing on EA’s Star Wars strategy, finally proposing that, instead of DICE, perhaps Criterion Games could take up the saddle.

Michael Pachter, Wedbush Securities analyst and games industry veteran, has called into question the viability of new Star Wars games after the merger and closure of LucasArts, in an interview with GameSpot. The industry specialist made such wildly obvious statements such as both companies stand to make “a ton of money,” and that a new KotOR would be “really profitable”.

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aliengmr1966d ago

Personally, Battlefront 3 is the safer bet. The direction Free Radical was taking was a good one. It had just enough flair to set it apart while being inclusive to everyone who loves shooters. KOTOR 3 is what I would prefer but it could be risky.

While EA is better than LucasArts, its still a bummer EA will be involved. One or two shooters and an RPG is about all I expect from the anti-innovators.