Denis Dyack Talks Shadow of the Eternals

Eternal Darkness creator Denis Dyack sits down with IGN to answer questions about his crowdfunded spiritual successor, Shadow of the Eternals.

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BakedGoods1967d ago (Edited 1967d ago )

Denis Dyack--banned from NeoGAF, unsuccessfully sued EPIC eventually destroying Silicon Knights in the process, and *ahem* Too Human...

I'm all about supporting Canadian developers, I just hope Dyack and co. can learn from such a rocky past.

Blacktric1967d ago

"I just hope Dyack and co. can learn from such a rocky past"

Agreed completely. But he and his team does deserve another chance. Especially when they're making a spiritual successor to Eternal Darkness. I hope they manage to deliver some of their promises, if not end up making another masterpiece like ED.

oof461967d ago

You forgot "used Activision money meant for X-Men: Destiny to secretly fund and shop around Eternal Darkness 2."

Munnkyman1966d ago

Wow is all i can say after reading that

ifritAlkhemyst1967d ago

Lets just keep any game with promise from Dyack's hands, shall we. If history has taught us anything, it is that Silicon Knights was a competent but lazy studio that only ever delivered a quality game when it was backed by a better studio.

blackbirdi1967d ago

they beg people for money and then they shamless miliking them again with episodic content .....won't give a penny for this kind of developers to hell with them

InTheLab1967d ago

I hope gamers remember the type of man Dyack is and the games he's made and not just put on "Eternal Darkness" goggles on.