Top Five Star Wars Game Series

SuperPhillip Central writes, "It was announced yesterday that Electronic Arts has a multiyear deal giving them the ability to exclusively develop and publish Star Wars games. While some think this is a really bad thing (those who don't like yearly releases, microtransactions, those who only own a Wii U, etc.), there is some good that can come from it.

Fresh off yesterday's announcement, it seems like a perfect time to take note of the greatest Star Wars game series that the franchise has seen. There were A LOT to sift through, but we at SuperPhillip Central have come up with the top five Star Wars game franchises that made us become in love with George Lucas's galaxy far, far away even more than we were already."

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TekoIie1751d ago

We need a Rogue Squadron HD remake. Really disappoint's me that EA are now in control of that.

darthv721751d ago

a resurgence of the x-wing or tie fighter series. Especially in today's online multiplayer driven environment.

SegaGamer1751d ago

If EA want to make people like them again they will bring back the Jedi Knight series, Battlefront series and make another role playing Star Wars game.

NukaCola1751d ago

I want another game like Jedi Knight II Outcast. Academy was just awful. Outcast was outstanding and mixed FPS and TPS formula perfectly. I have really enjoyed a lot of SW titles but Outcast will always be my favorite.

ACESupERIC1751d ago

Too bad force unleashed 2 was garbage. I'd like to think it would have made the list over super star wars

CourierSix1749d ago

Na, they need to do KoTOR 3.